Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                                 

Q:  What is the Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary (Cyber Aux)?

A:  The Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary is a small volunteer cadre of highly-talented, diverse cyber experts who share their knowledge and expertise to assist Marines in responding to constantly-evolving cyber challenges.

Q:  What duties will an Auxiliarist perform?

A:  Auxiliarists fulfill training, educating, advising, and mentoring roles alongside Marines in simulated environments and during periods of instruction, but are not authorized to execute hands-on cyber activities.

Volunteer opportunities may be available at specific Marine Corps units Based on a unit's particular need, but at no time will an Auxiliarist be required to perform a specific service.

Q:  Will an Auxiliarist be required to travel? If so, will travel costs be paid?

A:  Auxiliarists may be asked to support a specific unit based on that unit's particular need.  If travel is required, all travel costs including transportation, hotel, meals, and incidentals, are paid by the Marine Corps.

Q:  How much time is required of an Auxiliarist?

A:  The Cyber Aux is an all-volunteer program so individual support is based on an Auxiliarist's availability and willingness to support.  Duration of projects will vary based on a particular need and the type of support requested.

Q:  Is a security clearance required?

A:  Auxiliarists are not required to possess a security clearance; however, an appropriate-level interview may be required for specific projects.  Security information specific to a volunteer's expertise will be discussed during the screening process.

Q:  How do I apply to the Cyber Auxiliary?

A:  You can apply to the Cyber Auxiliary by filling out the MCCA Application.

Q:  How long is the screening and assessment process?

A:  The screening and assessment process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.  Emails will be sent periodically to keep applicants informed.

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