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To provide the Commandant of the Marine Corps, headquarters staff, and serviced commands with the human resources, workforce development, and organizational management expertise required to effectively recruit, develop, and retain the right workforce and to build and maintain high performing organizations.

Information on Civilian Marine On-Site Training Course Catalog and the remaining Retirement Planning Class Schedule sponsored by the Human Resources and Organizational Management Branch (HROM).  Please note, upon notification of the approved Fiscal Year 2019 Training Budget, we will begin to  provide new and exciting On-Site Training class that can build upon and strengthen your core competencies.  The On-Site Training classes are also beneficial as part of creating your Individual Development Plan (IDP).  The IDP is a developmental tool that creates a partnership between the individual employee and supervisor.  For more information in reference to creating an IDP and additional information about Training and Workforce Development use the follow link:


Course Listing:


            - Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity Training


            - Marine Corps Acculturation Program (MCAP)


            - New Supervisor Orientation (NSO)


            - Position Description (PD) Writing Workshop for Supervisors and Managers


            - Production on Purpose


            - Retirement, Benefits, & Financial Planning for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Employees


            - Writing Effective Performance Appraisals


2.  CAC Scanner Sign-in Process: CAC Scanner Sign-in Process has been implemented and all participants MUST bring their Common Access Card to attend all classes.  This process places all participants names unto a excel spreadsheet making the uploading of your training into TWMS a much faster, easier process after attending a class.


3.  Remember that you should always obtain supervisor approval before registering.  To register for a class or find additional course information, please visit the HROM-Sponsored Training website: .  Can't access our training website?  Send an email to:  SMB.HQMC.ARHB.TRNG@USMC.MIL . For more information, see the REGISTRATION GUIDE for comprehensive instructions for completing, viewing, and canceling registrations.


4. REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS:  Please let us know when you register if you require reasonable accommodations to participate in this training.


5.  If you have any questions or problems, please send an email to: SMB.HQMC.ARHB.TRNG@USMC.MIL to contact the Organizational and Workforce Management Section (ARHM) or call us at 703-614-9088.





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