Civilian Employees

New Employee

New employees to Henderson Hall should read through the following information and begin the process, with their supervisor, of getting accounts and access set up for the following:

New Employees ( – HROM new civilian Marine web page. Here you can find information on the history and traditions of The Corps, download the Guide for Civilian Marines, find information on initial payroll and pay calendar, and general information about working for the US government and Department of Defense.


When new employees arrive at Henderson Hall, please report to the S-1 office and ask for the Manpower Management Specialist. At this time, you will be given your Onboarding Checklist that must be signed by each section head and returned to the Manpower Management Specialist. Once this is received the Manpower Management Specialist will take you to your section supervisor, who will then orient you to Henderson Hall, begin the process of getting your system access granted, and


Civilian Manpower Specialist / HR Civilian Liaison


H & S Bn, HQMC, Henderson Hall

1555 Southgate Rd., Bldg. 29
Arlington, VA 22214
Telephone: (703) 693-7329

Note for Civilian Employees- Please do not contact any HROM office without notifying or going through the civilian manpower manager first. This excludes issues regarding Equal Employment Opportunity complaints. For EEO issues please contact (703)772-4876.


Headquarters Marine Corps