Charlie Company
Mission Statement

Overview: Henderson Hall is a unique organization that has over 2,000 active and reserve component Marines administratively attached to one of four companies, and operating at various Department of Defense commands. Headquarters Company is comprised of approximately 120 whom work aboard Joint Base Ft. Myer-Henderson Hall. The Alpha Company diaspora of Marines is comprised of approximately 950 personnel whom fall under various MCC's across the National Capital Region (NCR)

Mission: The staff of HQ and A Co are here to serve you administratively. Critical company mission sets include providing assistant with administrative matters, force preservation, medical/dental readiness and training requirements while serving within your respective Company at Headquarters and Service Battalion.

Accountability: Accountability is the first priority of every Marine unit across the Corps. The Morning Report is key for daily accountability and must be submitted no later than 1200 EST. Additionally, upon checking into the unit, please ensure to update your contact information contained in your MOL BIR. Due to the unique composition of the battalion, updated work and personal phone numbers/emails are critical in contacting Marines.

Administrative Action Requests: All administrative packages/requests are submitted via Marine Online through the MyEPAR tab. This process allows Marines to track their packages through the Battalion until completion. Once your EPAR has been received by the Company staff, please allow 3-5 business days for Company action/endorsement to be completed.




Please refer to the most recent SOP released May 07 2021 here HQMC HH IMA SOP

Accountability: Please update your primary email in MOL and with your Operational Sponsor (OpSponsor) to reflect the email you check on a daily basis. We want to ensure we have the ability to contact all IMA Marines, and pulling current information from MOL is how we reach out to you.

Administrative Action Requests (EPARs): All correspondences that requires the Battalion Commander’s signature must first be endorsed by the OpSponsor and then by the OPGROUP. Submit all correspondences via EPAR to the OpSponsor first.  The OpSponsor will forward the EPAR to the OPGROUP for action.

Minimum Participation Requirements: Charlie Company Marines are required to complete certain annual training events to satisfy minimum participation requirements. Please see the Bn IMA Program SOP for specific events.  The Company staff will work with the OpSponsors and IMA Marines to ensure they are in compliance with the SOP.

If you require ANY services or administrative assistance, please use your OpSponsor as your first echelon support and we will take action from them as necessary.

Company Commander / OPGROUP OIC