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This facility will continue to be booked by appointment only.  Walk-ins will not be accepted and will be turned away.

In reference to MarAdmin 206/20, all Active Duty Marines, Civilians and Contractors who hold a CAC expiring on or before 31 May 2020 need to renew their cards immediately. CACs will not be issued for printed information on the CAC, such as promotions or name changes during this period. In order to maintain appropriate safety measures there will only be one ID Card Representative in the office at one time and they will only allow one customer in the office at one time. All personnel are required to use the following website to book appointments: All personnel issued a new CAC will be required to logon to their government workstation used for telework and connect to the MCEN network in order to cache the PKI credential that were loaded to their new ID Card prior to returning to telework. Network access to the support telework through the workstation will not be available until this action is complete.

Please note that if you have swipe access to you work locations such as the Pentagon. The ID Card Center at Henderson Hall cannot load you card with those specific permissions.

You may also visit for step-by-step instructions and eligibility.

Assistance: For questions or concerns, please contact the DEERS/RAPIDS Center at (703) 693-7152 .


Civilian Employees / Contractors / Unmarried Former Spouse

Civilian Employees

Civilian employees must make sure their information has been put in with the Human Resources Office.

*Must have two acceptable forms of ID (see above Acceptable forms of ID)

*Must provide a .MIL email address, ID card will not work in the reader without the email address. (C.A.C. only holds one .MIL email address)

*Overseas civilian ID card: Must provide SF50 stating the position is emergency essential or provide a DD form 2365.



Information must be put into the CVS (Contractor Verification System) and be Verified.

*Must provide two acceptable forms of ID (see above Acceptable forms of ID) ID card will not work in the reader without the email address. ( C.A.C. only holds one .MIL email address)

*Must provide a valid .MIL email address

*Contractors going overseas must provide a L.O.A (Letter of Authorization) stating they are eligible to go overseas and entitled to benefits.

Unmarried former spouse

 Must provide 20 year letter and former spouse letter.







Dependent ID Cards / Dependent ID Card Renewal

Dependent ID Cards

To Add a Spouse:

*Marriage Certificate (original or certified copy)

*Social Security card: if you do not have a social security card, a formal letter from the Social Security Administration with your social security number on it is acceptable.

*Drivers License or State Issued ID

To Add A Child:

*Marriage Certificate (original or certified copy)

*Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)

*Social Security Card

Renewal of Dependent ID Card

Any dependent that needs to renew an ID card must have the sponsor with them or an original signed 1172 from an ID card center or the sponsor can digitally sign the 1172 if the have a current (CAC) and it will automatically upload to deer. ID card office online. 

Dependent children who are 21 and currently enrolled and a four year higher learning institution must provide a letter from the registrars stating the dependent is a Full-time student, the start date and the anticipated graduation date. The ID card cannot be renewed without this information.


** Marine Corps only**

As of January 1, 2009 DD form 137-6 must be filled for dependent children 21 and over out and returned to MRP1 in Quantico within 60 days of receipt of the new ID card to continue receiving benefits. The form will be provided at your local DEERS office

All dependents over the age of 18 must have two acceptable forms of ID to renew their ID card. The first form must have a photo.

Acceptable forms of ID

Old Dependent ID Voters Registration
Drivers License (unexpired)
Current Passport (unexpired)
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)

(Valid Federal Gov’t ID (PNT, HOFF, and FOB2 are not acceptable)

Unremarried former spouse/ Unremarried Widow

Must provide two acceptable forms of Id (See above acceptable forms of ID)



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Contact / Location / Mailing/ Hour of Operations


703-693-6311 and 703-693-7152


Henderson Hall
Bldg 29, 3rd Floor, Rm 300


Mailing Address

H & S Battalion
HQMC, Henderson Hall
Bldg 29, 1555 Southgate Road
Arlington, VA 22214


Hours of Operations

0800-1100 and 1130-1530 taking in the last customer at 1500




Headquarters Marine Corps