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Headquarters and Service Battalion

Headquarters Marine Corp

Henderson Hall
S-3 Operations Mission Statement
Support the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall ATFP Plan. Plan, schedule, and coordinate Marine Corps annual training and PME for Headquarters and Service Battalion Personnel. In conjunction with Director, Marine Corps Staff, arrange for support of special events requiring Marines.
Semi-Annual Fitness Tests

Little known fact.

  • IAW MCO 6100.13A pg 1-5 states “Marines who did not take a PFT/PPFT or CFT/PCFT for the semiannual/annual requirement due to physical/medical reasons, will be administered a PFT/CFT no less than 30 days and no more than 90 days after return to full duty.” Failure to complete this requirement means your Code 5 medical exemption goes away and you receive a RDNT which has adverse effects for promotion, schools, etc. We will be sending hit lists to all Marines who did not take the CFT due to light duty chits.  If you are on Limited Duty, you are totally exempt.

  • If you run a CFT/PFT without a verified PHA or run a CFT/PFT with an expired PHA, H&S Bn S-3 will not run the score and you will have to run the CFT/PFT again after completing your PHA. (See MCO 6100.13A Pg 2-2 Chapter 2, 4.a and Pg 3-1 Chapter 3, 4.a).

  • Command Physical Training Representative (CPTR)/Monitor Briefs are held monthly.  Check the Gouge schedule for exact time and date.  This is the opportunity for sections to add CPTRs to replace those that have PCS’d and to receive any updates to the PFT/CFT course and process at H&S Bn.

  • We received your feedback about the CFT course on HH that the 880 circle is less than desirable. Unfortunately there are no acceptable alternative areas on JBM-HH. We are researching area tracks for potential use in the future.  More to follow, but we will have something better for the next CFT period.

***2020 PFT Schedule (Meet at Smith Gym Pull-up Bars)

  • JAN – 10TH, 24TH (0800)
  • FEB – 7TH, 21ST (0800)
  • MAR – 13TH, 27TH (0800)
  • APR – 10TH, 24TH (0800)
  • MAY – 8TH, 29TH (0800)
  • JUN – 12TH, 19TH, 22ND – 26TH (LAST) (ALL AT 0700)

If you are 46 or older and running a PFT/CFT with a CPTR other than the S-3, you must provide your CPTR with your self-validation form. 

  • It must be signed by your provider if you answer yes to any questions in Section B, exceed body composition standards, and/or require follow-on medical screening post light/limited duty occasion to ensure you are cleared to take PFT/CFT. (MCO 6100.13A DTD 17 Jan 18 pg 1-6)

  • If your CPTR submits your scores without the self-validation form, we will not run your PFT score.



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Base Heat Index Flag Procedures
Green Flag(Green Flag):
Heavy exercises, for activities of unacclimatized personnel will be conducted with caution and under constant supervision.
Yellow Flag(Yellow Flag):
Strenuous exercises, such as marching at standard cadence, will be suspended for unacclimatized troops in their first 2 or 3 weeks.  Outdoor classes in the sun are to be avoided.
Red Flag(Red Flag):
All physical training will be halted for those troops who have not become thoroughly acclimatized by at least 12 weeks of living and working in the area.  Those troops who are thoroughly acclimatized may carry on limited activity not to exceed 6 hours per day.
Black Flag(Black Flag):
All strenuous non-essential outdoor physical activity will be halted for all units. Essential activities are defined as those activities associated with scheduled exercises or other major training evolutions where the disruption would cause undue burden on personnel or resources, be excessively expensive, or significantly reduce a unit's combat readiness. Essential outdoor physical activity will be conducted at a level that is commensurate with personnel acclimatization as determined by the unit's commanding officer in coordination with the unit's medical officer or medical personnel. All efforts should be made to reschedule activities during cooler periods of the day.