S-3 Operations
S-3 Operations for the Headquarters and Service Battalion

Support the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall ATFP Plan. Plan, schedule, and coordinate Marine Corps annual training and PME for Headquarters and Service Battalion Personnel. In conjunction with Director, Marine Corps Staff, arrange for support of special events requiring Marines.

UPDATE 2 September 2021


MARADMIN 442/21 reiterates the requirement for all military and civilian personnel with government computer and network access to complete FY2021 cyber awareness training. Please see the MARADMIN for more details and instructions on completing the training.

****Forthcoming Changes to the Physical Fitness Test (PFT): MARADMIN 404/21

· Starting 1 January 2022, time required to achieve the maximum points on the plank will be 3 minutes and 45 seconds. The time required to achieve the minimum points on the plank will be 1 minute and 10 seconds.

· Effective 1 January 2023, the plank will replace the abdominal crunch for the PFT.

· There is one scoring table for both male and female Marines.

· MCO 6100.13A W/CH 3 will be revised to reflect this change.

· DVIDS - Video - PFT Plank Instructional video (

CFT Schedule: All CFTs will be conducted at the Joint Base Myers – Henderson Hall. 

Sep: 10, 24 (at 0700)

Oct: 5-8, 22, 30 (at 0800)

Nov: 4, 19 (at 0800)

                                                                Dec: 3, 10, 15-17 (at 0800)

Command Physical Training Representative (CPTR)/Monitor Briefs are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 0900 in
the S-3 Conference Room.

If you have any questions or concerns contact the S3 for clarification.

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Per MARADMIN 694-20, the BST Program is no longer a Service-level requirement and there is no longer a requirement to report this training in the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS).  However, commanders are encouraged to incorporate these tasks into their training plans as necessary to enhance individual and unit readiness. The Training Support Packages for the BST program are listed below. MARADMIN 694-20

Basic Infantry Skills

      Conduct Observation

      Defend a Position

      Describe the use of deadly force

      Employ with a map and compass

      Handle Detainees

      Identify anomalies

      Perform action with a service rifle

      Perform immediate actions upon contact with the enemy

      Perform weapons handling procedures with a service rifle

      Search an individual

      Stand a sentry post

      Visually identify indicators if improvised explosive devices


      Communicate using hand and arm signals

      Operate a VHF field radio

      Submit a message

First Aid

      Apply a tourniquet

      Describe phases of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

      Treat a cold injury

      Treat a heat injury


      Identify significant events in Marine Corps history

      Identify the historical significance of Marine Corps uniform items


      Apply the components of the decision cycle (OODA) process

      Describe Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) organizations

      Describe Operational Security (OPSEC)

      Describe stresses of combat

      Describe the Code of Conduct

      Describe your rights as a Prisoner of War (POW)

      Prepare for combat


      Describe Article 15, Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP)

      Describe Article 31, Rights of the Accused



S-3 Training/Operations Office

Operations Officer


Operations Chief


Operations Office



Green Flag(Green Flag):
Heavy exercises, for activities of unacclimatized personnel will be conducted with caution and under constant supervision.
Yellow Flag(Yellow Flag):
Strenuous exercises, such as marching at standard cadence, will be suspended for unacclimatized troops in their first 2 or 3 weeks.  Outdoor classes in the sun are to be avoided.
Red Flag(Red Flag):
All physical training will be halted for those troops who have not become thoroughly acclimatized by at least 12 weeks of living and working in the area.  Those troops who are thoroughly acclimatized may carry on limited activity not to exceed 6 hours per day.
Black Flag(Black Flag):
All strenuous non-essential outdoor physical activity will be halted for all units. Essential activities are defined as those activities associated with scheduled exercises or other major training evolutions where the disruption would cause undue burden on personnel or resources, be excessively expensive, or significantly reduce a unit's combat readiness. Essential outdoor physical activity will be conducted at a level that is commensurate with personnel acclimatization as determined by the unit's commanding officer in coordination with the unit's medical officer or medical personnel. All efforts should be made to reschedule activities during cooler periods of the day.