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Information Technology Management and Cybersecurity Community of Interest


Information Technology Management and Cybersecurity Community of Interest

Command, Control, Communications, and Computers


The Information Technology Management/Cybersecurity (ITM/CS) Community of Interest (COI) consists of over 2000 ITM/CS personnel within 16 occupational series (0332, 0335, 0391, 0390, 0392, 0394, 0854, 1386, 1410, 1411, 1412, 1420, 1421, 1550, 2210, 2299).  These Civilian Marines, perform a wide variety of Information Technology (IT), Information Management (IM), and Cybersecurity (CS) functions across the Marine Corps.  The span of disciplines within the COI is broad, from computer scientists, to telecommunications specialists, to application developers, and librarians.  Dedicated, professional ITM/CS COI members provide critical support across the globe on a daily basis.  This site is dedicated to supporting the professionalism of the ITM/CS civilian workforce.


The ITM/CS Community of Interest mission is to create a working environment to attract and retain the best and brightest talent to support and develop a professional and sustainable ITM/CS Civilian Marine workforce.


The ITM/CS Community of Interest vision is to achieve a professional, highly skilled and motivated ITM/CS Civilian Marine workforce recognized as integral to the accomplishment of the USMC mission.

  People: Execute a holistic workforce strategy incorporating Force Modernization requirements that address future Communications and Information Technology skillsets.