Counsel for the Commandant
Counsel for the Commandant

Senior Special Assistant - Lieutenant Colonel Dawn M. Steinberg

Special Assistant - Captain Leonard S. Moffa

Admin Chief & Enlisted Executive Assistant - Sergeant Brandon S. Bravo

Paralegal - Mrs. Linda Short

Procurement and Fiscal Associate Counsel - Mr. John P. McHugh

- Assist Procurement and Fiscal Associate Counsel - Ms. Ellen B. Clark

Associate Counsel, Information - Mr. Philip J. Taylor

Associate Counsel, Environmental and Land Use - Ms. Cara M. Johnson

Associate Counsel, Trademark and Licensing - Mr. Philip J. Greene 

Civilian Personnel Law Attorney - Major Jacob S. Smith



Mission Statement:  The mission of the Office of Counsel for the Commandant, including its field offices, is to provide comprehensive and timely legal advice and support to the Commandant, Headquarters staff agencies, and Marine Corps operating and supporting establishments in the areas of business and commercial law including environmental law, land use, civilian personnel law, procurement and fiscal law, government ethics, and all other matters under the cognizance of the General Counsel of the Navy.





Office of the Counsel

Commandant of the Marine Corps

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (Code CL)

3000 Marine Corps Pentagon, Room 4E468

Washington, DC 20350-3000

Voice: 703.697.5357 or 703.614.2150/2490

Fax: 703.693.4453

DSN: 227 or 224 (Voice)/223 (Fax)

Headquarters Marine Corps