Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity
Headquarters Marine Corps
Washington, D.C.


The Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity's mission is to efficiently command, administer and manage  the centralized tracking of all Navy and Marine Corps personnel placed on involuntary appellate leave; and members assigned by the Naval Clemency and Parole Board to parole or supervised release while expediting the discharge process; and to perform such other functions and tasks as direct.

Whether you are representing a Command, are an administrator, or an Appellant this web site is intended to provide knowledge and information to assist you. The Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity administers centralized processing/tracking for all Navy and Marine Corps members assigned mandatory appellate leave while awaiting results of appellate review, members assigned to parole/supervised release by the Navy Clemency and Parole Board (NC&PB), and to perform such other functions and tasks as may be directed by higher authority.

If you are assigned to this command as an appellant we can assist you with:

-Updating your contact information
-Obtaining a Statement of Service
-Obtaining your DD form 214 if you are discharged
-Validating Temporary ID card Applications

If you are representing a command seeking information regarding appellate leave we can provide you with:

-References and information
-Administrative advice
-Support regarding existing appellant cases
-Q & A about appellate leave
-Also, check out our Documents link.

Appellate leave is the authorized absence of a service member (appellant) from the physical presence of the command, in a non-pay status, pending completion of the appellate review of their court-martial conviction where a dismissal or unsuspended dishonorable or bad conduct discharge was adjudged.

- MILPERSMAN 1050-310 through 1050-380
- MCO 1050.16A

Policy: Use required (involuntary) or voluntary (permitted) leave to aid in removing from the presence of the active force, expeditiously, those members being punitively discharged or dismissed.

NOTE:  Clarification of MARADMIN 559/14, Guidance for Archiving Health Service Treatment Records (STRS) for all USMC Active/Select Reserve Service Members.  After consultation with Manpower and Reserve Affairs, units are still required to forward STRS for members who are placed in an appellate leave status.  NAMALA will now become responsible for the STR submission for Marines that are in an appellate leave status.            

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