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Listed below are commonly requested items.; Files containing "Controlled Unclassifed Information (CUI) formerly known as For Official Use Only (FOUO) " information are protected and are located within the ICC Cybersecurity SharePoint Online Site (link listed below).

Questions may be answered by the Cybersecurity Information Manager.


Available Enterprise Cybersecurity Manuals (ECSMs)

Visit this page to see the list of available ECSMs. 


Enterprise Cybersecurity Repository - CUI

Click here to enter Repository.

NOTE: Requires active and valid O365 Account and "Lawful government purpose" for access. All USMC Users with active and valid O365 now have access. Users external to USMC or without O365 accounts, contact the CY Information Manager using the "Suggestions About the Website?" link on the right for access. Be sure to cite your lawful government purpose.



Visit this page to learn more about the accounts needed to access the various Cybersecurity – related sites / applications.


*Denotes HCS Account Requirement, see link above in "Accounts" for more information. 

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