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Key Management Infrastructure


The Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) - is a National Security Agency (NSA) led program, responsible for COMSEC key management, accounting and distribution. Specifically, KMI generates and distributes electronic keying material for all NSA approved encryption systems. The electronic keys are loaded into encryption systems using standard fill devices (i.e., AN/PYQ-10 or KIK-11), and directs the distribution of NSA produced keying material. Additionally, KMI performs account registration, privilege management, ordering, distribution and accounting to direct the management and distribution of physical COMSEC (i.e., Controlled Cryptographic Items or hard copy keying) material for the Services. The common KMI components and standards facilitate interoperability and commonality among the Armed Forces.

Points of Contact

  • Compliance Branch / Cybersecurity

    Headquarters Marine Corps Cybersecurity Division

    Pentagon, Room 1D247
    Washington, DC 20350-3000

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