Long Term Assistance Program
This is the Marine Corps Long Term Assistance webpage.


Long Term Assistance Program is a permanent resource for the next of kin, ensuring they receive sustained, quality assistance from the Marine Corps. It was established to provide outreach and assistance to Marine families in need of support with any residual issues generally associated with the receipt of death benefits and entitlements.


  • Provides care in the movement of the remains.
  • Connect family members to grief and peer support experts such as Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). TAPS services, which are no cost and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provide our families the full-range Peer-Based Emotional Support, Crisis Response and Intervention, and Grief and Trauma Support.
  • Provides a comprehensive printout of benefits and entitlements from the Armed Forces Services Corporation to assist in making an informed decision regarding circumstances.
  • Assist next of kin in obtaining access to investigative reports and connecting families to benevolent and philanthropic agencies.
  • Connect families to whatever type of assistance that is needed. Assistance is available indefinitely for all next of kin of a deceased Marine or deceased Marine family member.

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If you need to reach the Long Term Assistance Program please call 1-866-210-3421 ext 2. The Long Term Assistance Program is part of a Dover Port Mortuary Mass Casualty response team that deploys to Dover Port Mortuary to provide assistance to Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACOs) and surviving family members arriving there for Dignified Transfer.

Gold Star and Surviving Family Member Representative addresses issues/concerns by spouses and dependents, and provides support, regarding such casualty assistance or receipt of such benefits. The Gold Star and Surviving Family Member Representative reports to appropriate officers or officials in the Department of Defense or the military department concerned regarding resolution of such issues/concerns, including recommendations regarding the settlement of claims with respect to such benefits, as appropriate.

Information for Survivors of Retired Marines (Helpful links on the right)

The attached booklet is general information survivors of retired Marines may need to include finance information, general resources, and forms. The booklet also contains a point of contact section in the case a survivor has questions with anything contained within the booklet.


Quantico Virginia, 22134

1-866-210-3421 ext 2

Long Term Assistance Program

Headquarters Marine Corps

Headquarters Marine Corps