Headquarters Marine Corps


Authorized Domains


The following domains are authorized access to the USMC SPO Tenant:                *                                                                                            

All other users must wait for external access approval - please work through your local chain to migrate to SharePoint Online (SPO) .


      Users users who have transitioned to must continue to use their account for access to SPO for now. To do so, "Sign out from your new account, sign into the "old", (ensuring all windows are closed) and try again. Contact your local Helpdesk for support.

If you continue to experience issues, the USMC transition team is aware of this issue.  Contact Contact the EIS Help desk @

Office: (816) 705-4865 /   

Once completed, contact the Cybersecurity Site Information Manager to ensure you have been added to the permission group.


MCW / (HCS) Domain Accounts

SPO. Since ICC-CY has migrated to SharePoint online, MCW accounts are no longer required for SPO access, therefore, new accounts requests are no longer necessary.

MCCAST -NIPR. MCW accounts requests for MCCAST are still being accepted – the process has not changed” - be sure to select "HQMC C4" for the drop down.

MCCAST-SIPR.  There is no online request for this except for the "normal" SIPR account request via Remedy. Get with your local ISC to request an account as the MCEN SIPR access is on the MCW domain. Non-USMC users may obtain a USMC SIPR account, but must be sponsored by a USMC representative. Please work through your USMC representative to start the process via the Enterprise Help Desk.

Enterprise Information Services (EIS)
(816) 705-4865
Support Hours: 07:00 - 17:00 ET (Mon-Fri)





Last Update: 13 May 2020