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MCCAST New Users Start


The instructions below are intended to assist USMC stakeholder in attaining a MCCAST account - please visit the Account page for more information about MCCAST Accounts or other Accounts in support of the Marine Corps Assessment and Authorization Process (MCCAP). 


Step 1. Check for existing HCW/ MCW/ EIS account. 

Check for existing access by contacting HCS / EIS - se​​​​​​​e "Notes" for their contact information. HCS/ EIS manages these accounts and is a separate process aside from the MCCAST account procedure.

Existing Accounts 

See Account Re-use Policy. ​​​​​​​Do not proceed until:

  • User login (see Login column) is noted
  • Email address is correct
  • CAC Enabled
  • Account activated (Enabled Status column)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​No Existing Account 

Go to the HCS link​​​ here to submit for account - Be sure to select "MCCAST" as the "site requesting access to" so the appropriate Site Collection Administrators can take action. See "Who can submit HCS Account Request" on right. 

Account is established in three steps:

  • Account request submission
  • User responds to HCS/ EIS with PIV/ CAC information email
  • User receives HCS/EIS email upon account completion

Contact HCS/ EIS for any questions about the process or for status. See "HCS / EIS / MCW- Domain Helpdesk" to the right.

Once account has been established, proceed to "NIPR / SIPR Step 2." below.


Who can check for HCS Accounts.

Individual users are responsible for checking the status of their accounts.

HCS / EIS / MCW- Domain Helpdesk. 

Contact HCS/ EIS @ / (816) 705-4865.

Who can submit HCS Account Requests.

User's Government POC (CIV or MIL) must submit the account request on behalf of the user.

Please note the Government POC must have an HCS account in order to submit the request. 

Account Re-use Policy. Users who are transitioning to a different affiliation (active duty, civilian, or contractor) will need to have their Government POC request a new HCS account on their behalf.  The accounts will no  longer be updated to reflect the affiliation change or update PIV and email. The old account will be disabled. These affiliation changes include:

  • Active duty military to civilian or contractor
  • Civilian to active duty military or contractor
  • Contractor to active duty military or civilian


Step 1.  MCW Domain (HCS) Account

Since the USMC SIPR accounts are all on the MCW domain (HCS), the account creation process is different than USMC NIPR, see below.

USMC MCEN-S account holders.

If you know you have an account, proceed to Step 2, as long as your account is valid and up to date. Contact your local ISC for support.

Non-USMC users.

Coordinate with corresponding USMC sponsor and have them submit for an account using the method below.

  • Follow local command policies for obtaining a SIPR account via Remedy . Contact the MCEN Battle Captain for assistance as they can submit an account for those without Remedy access. Contact via phone @ 703-784-5300 or via email.

  • Once the account is created, user can log in to and submit a MCCAST Support Request.

  • Do not proceed to Step 2.



Step 2. Cyber Awareness Training Certificate

A current Cyber Awareness Challenge Certificate is required for access to MCCAST. The course can be taken from the following locations:

If the request is for SIPR access, you can use DOTS to send documents to your SIPR account.  (


Step 3.  Login to MCCAST

Go to: (for SIPR:

If you see the following screen:

  • You have either selected the wrong certificate (make sure you are using the Authentication cert) or,
  • Something is misconfigured with your MCW account. Please contact the EIS Helpdesk ( to verify your MCW account is configured properly for PIV Authentication. The MCCAST Team has no control over this and will not be able to support you until your MCW account is properly functioning.
       F5 Error


Step 3.  Login to MCCAST (Cont'd)

You should be presented with the following screen:



Follow the New User Instructions, and be sure to upload your Cyber Awareness certification in the attachments section (Hint: Click the "Add New" button directly across from the word "Attachments") as well as any other required documents noted in the instructions and below:

  • ISSMs must submit their ISSM Appointment letter
  • SCVs must submit their SCV Appointment letter if, they have one, otherwise they should follow the procedure for requesting SCV rights within MCCAST available here: Validator Instructions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • For contractors, memo or email that has been digitally signed by the ISSM or PM they are reporting to, that states they have a contractual need to access MCCAST.
  • Before submitting, you must select the USMC office that you will be supporting.
  • You must click the "Submit Request" button at the top of the screen to place the request in queue.
  • When your request has been processed, you will receive an email informing you that it is complete.
  • All package assignments must be completed by the ISSM.


Points of Contact

  • Compliance Branch / Cybersecurity

    Headquarters Marine Corps Cybersecurity Division

    Pentagon, Room 1D247
    Washington, DC 20350-3000



Last Update: 29 March 2024

Headquarters Marine Corps