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Congressional Fellowship Program

The Marine Corps Congressional Fellowship Program offers participants the opportunity to work in the legislative branch of the federal government for one session of Congress.  Eligible candidates include Marine Officers (Active component), SNCOs, and Civilian Marines.  The program consists of three components: (1) training and education through the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, (2) work on Capitol Hill in the personal office of a Senator or Member of Congress, and (3) a two-year utilization tour immediately upon completion of the fellowship.  Per federal law (10 USC § 2603), each applicant who is accepted for the Congressional Fellowship Program must agree in writing to serve an additional period of active duty.

Clink on the this link to see a visual presentation: OLA CFP Video

Points of Contact

Direct all inquiries to HQMC_OLA_CFP@usmc.mil or call (703) 614-1686.


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MarAdmin627/17 CY19 Congressional Fellowship Program for Active Component SNCO

MarAdmin 137/15 CY16 Congressional Fellowship Program Selection Board Results


Applying for the Congressional Fellowship Program

CFP Selection Process

CFP Application Guidance (Officer)

CFP Application Guidance (SNCO/3404)

CFP Application Guidance (CIVILIAN)

CY19 Application information

Officer Application (Example)

SNCO Application (Example)

Blank Administrative Action Form

CY16 Congressional Fellows (1 January 2016 -31 December 2016)

CFP Brief (SNCOs)

Articles, Publications, and Reports

"Marines on Capitol Hill" (Leatherneck Magazine, December 2015)
"The Congressional Marines are Formed" (Marine Corps Gazette, Nov 1999)
"Enlisted Marines Take the Hill" (Leatherneck Magazine, February 2010)
"Legislative Affairs--What OLA does for the Marine Corps" (Marine Corps Gazette, Feb 2007)
"The Marine Corps Congressional Fellowship Program" (Marine Corps Gazette, June 2009)
"Marines, Meet Your Congress" (Marine Corps Gazette, July 2012)
"GAO Report on Oversight of Fellowships" (GAO-12-367, April 2012)
"CY11 SNCO Fellow - Honorable Mention as 2012 Marine of the Year" (Marine Corps Times, July 23, 2012)
"Capitol Hill Marines bridge gap between Congress, Corps" (Marine Corps Times, August 12, 2013)



MCO 1500.41A W CH 1, Marine Corps Scholarship Program

DoD Directive 1322.6, Fellowships for DoD Personnel

DoD Instruction 1322.06, Fellowships for DoD Personnel

Pentagon Newcomers Guide
Washington DC Mass Transit 
Government Affairs Institute (GAI) at Georgetown
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Congressional Research Service (CRS)
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Government Accountability Office (GAO)


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