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This page is intended as a resource guide, containing documents related to the Marine Corps Cybersecurity Program. Links to referenced materials are listed below each agency.  


Enterprise Cybersecurity Manuals

In accordance with 10 U.S.C., reference (a), 40 U.S.C. Subtitle III, reference (b), 44 U.S.C § 3554, SECNAVINST 5239.C, and DON CIO memorandum “Designation of the Department of the Navy Senior Information Security Officer” of 4 May 2020, Deputy Commandant for Information (DC I), Director, Information Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (IC4) is designated as Department of the Navy Deputy Senior Information Security Officer (Marine Corps) (DON Deputy SISO (Marine Corps)). Under the direction of the SISO, Information Compliance Branch (IC4/ICC) Cybersecurity section (CY) issues Marine Corps Enterprise Cybersecurity Manuals (ECSMs) that provide modules to guide the implementation of policy direction established in Marine Corps Order (MCO) 5239.2B, reference (c). The manuals provide procedural, technical, administrative, and supplemental guidance for all information systems used in the automated acquisition, storage, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, or receipt of data within the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) as well as other Marine Corps information systems.

Each manual focuses on a distinct subject and describes a standard methodology for planning, implementing, and executing an element of Marine Corps Cybersecurity. The Marine Corps ECSM series is an authoritative source for implementation of cybersecurity policy direction.

Points of Contact

  • Compliance Branch / Cybersecurity

    Headquarters Marine Corps IC4 ICC-Cybersecurity Branch

    Pentagon, Room 1D247
    Washington, DC 20350-3000

Available Enterprise Cybersecurity Manuals (As of 20 May 2024) 

The Enterprise Cybersecurity Manuals are sensitive documents and are viewable only to those with a "lawful government purpose", valid SharePoint Online account holders.

See the "Enterprise Cybersecurity Repository - CUI" section located on the "Hot" page for access concerns.


ECMS Title date Published
  ECSM 001 Computer Security Incident Handling, V2.0 19 Sep 2012
ECSM 002 Protected Distribution System, V1.0 Feb 24
  ECSM 004 Remote Access Systems, V2.0
1 Dec 2013
  ECSM 005 PEDs and WLAN Tech, V3.0 1 Jul 2016
ECSM 007 Resource Access Guide, V4.0 01 Feb 2024
  ECSM 008 Cross Domain Solution and Secure Data Transfer, V2.0 15 Feb 2019
  ECSM 009 NATO Information Handling on the MCEN, V3.0 15 Aug 2012
  ECSM 010 Unauthorized Disclosures of Classified Information and  Electronic Spillage, V2.0 10 Jun 2014 
  ECSM 011 Personally Identifiable Information (PII), V4.0 30 Apr 2013
ECSM 012 MCEN Cybersecurity Reference Architecture Framework, V2.0 2021
  ECSM 013 Public Key Infrastructure, V1.0 08 Aug 2018
  ECSM 014 Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning V1.0 16 Feb 2018
ECSM 018 Marine_Corps Assessment  and Authorization Process, V7.0 24 Jan 2024
ECSM 019 Program of Record Cybersecurity Playbook V2.0 2 Feb 2024
  ECSM 020 Information Assurance Vulnerability Management Program, V1.0 31 Dec 2013
  ECSM 021 Ports, Protocols, and Services Management, V1.0 15 May 2012
  ECSM 024 Marine Corps Cyberspace Information Technology/ Cybersecurity Workforce Qualification Program, V2.0 29 June 2019
  ECSM 026 Concept of Operations for Host Based Security System, V1.0 15 Oct 2012
  ECSM 030 Commercial Internet Service Provider Connection Processing and Management, V1.0 30 Apr 2020



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 ECMS 012, Published 2024, Supercedes the following:
  • ECSM 002 Firewalls, Version 2.1, 11 June 2012;
  • ECSM 003 Routers, Version 2.0, 30 September 2011;
  • ECSM 006 Virtual Private Networks, Version 2.0, 15 September 2015;
  • ECSM 012 Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) Cybersecurity Architecture, Version 1.0, 01 May 2015


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