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Health Services

Headquarters Marine Corps

The Medical Officer to the Marine Corps advises the Commandant and Headquarters staff on all matters regarding Healthcare and serves as the functional expert in working with the appropriate Headquarters agencies for determining requirements. The Medical Officer (TMO) makes recommendations on all Medical and Dental matters supporting the Marine Corps. The TMO and Health Services Staff initiate action through proper Headquarters staff agencies to obtain Medical Personnel and Material to meet the Marine Corps' needs and assist staff in formulating Landing Force and Field Medical Doctrines, Procedures, and Programs.


YNC(SW/AW/PJ) Daniel Ayon
Leading Chief Petty Officer/Flag Writer
NIPR: Daniel.ayon@usmc.mil
SIPR: Daniel.ayon@usmc.smil.mil
Comm: (703) 604-4596 
DSN: 664-4596
HM1(FMF) Jerome Loresco 
Leading Petty Officer
NIPR: Jerome.loresco@usmc.mil
Comm: (703) 604-4559
DSN: 664-4559 
HM2(FMF) Kevin Fletcher
Assistant Leading Petty Officer
NIPR: kevin.fletcher@usmc.mil
Comm: (703) 604-4599
DSN: 664-4599
Command Address:
701 South Courthouse Rd.
Room 1J060
Arlington VA, 22204