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Investigation Tracking
Marine Corps Investigation Tracking

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HQMC Investigation Tracking ensures timely and accurate investigation information is provided to all Next of Kin, until the full redacted investigation is delivered and all investigation related questions are answered.

We also provide Commands with training and assistance with the investigation process.


  • Track all command investigations and preliminary inquiries regarding the death of Marine Corps service members.
  • Provide accurate and timely information regarding Marine Corps Death investigations to the Next Of Kin (NOK) through their assigned Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO). Additional agencies (NCIS, CID, and Naval Safety Center) may conduct investigations alongside of Marine Corps Commands. Information on the status of these investigation (when conducted) will be provided via updated Personal Casualty Report (PCR) to the NOK.
  • Provide full redacted Command investigative reports to family members upon request. Additional investigation agencies will provide completed death investigations directly to requestors (to include: NCIS, CID, and Safety Investigations) 
  • Provide Commands response to inquiries from family members regarding Marine Corps Death Investigations.
  • Provide education, training, and assistance to Marine Corps Commands regarding investigation related requirements.

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Why Command Investigations are required:


Line of Duty Determinations (LODD): JAGMAN Part E; Section 0212; para B:

"A line of duty determination is required whenever an active duty service member of the Naval service dies, in order to make decisions concerning eligibility and annuity calculations under the Uniformed Services Survivor Benefit Program; see Part F, section 0229 of this Manual. In many cases, the death of a reservist will also require a line of duty determination. See section 0224 for additional information on reservist personnel".


Command Investigations

Command Investigations are conducted for the General Court Martial Convening Authority to determine if the Marine was “In” or “Out” of the line of Duty at the time of his death.  


When a Marine Corps member dies on active duty, and Investigating Officer will be assigned by the command to collect relevant information on the circumstances that led up to and resulted in the Marine’s death. This information can include autopsy and toxicology reports, witness statements, local police reports, traffic reports, and additional investigation agencies such as NCIS, CID, and Naval Safety Center. Once the Investigating Officer (IO) has collected relevant information, the IO will complete their report and forward it up through the Chain of Command to the General Court Martial Convening Authority to make the final Line of Duty determination. Provided to the right are helpful links that provide information regarding additional investigative agencies.