Where to send a FOIA request
Where to send a request page

On 30 September, our web-based FOIA/PA portal ( will be decomissioned, but the launch of its replacement has been delayed.  To submit a request for Marine Corps records before the new system is online, please follow the guidance below

For the following commonly requested records:





For other records (PMO, traffic accident reports, command investigations, FAP, etc.),  submit your request to the command that would have custody of them, if you know.  For command points of contact (names, email addresses and phone numbers), please see the list attached

For all other records, submit your FOIA or Privacy Act request to Headquarters Marine Corps by email (, fax (703-614-6287), the federal government FOIA portal, or by writing to:  Headquarters US Marine Corps, Attn:  FOIA/PA Section (ARSF), Rm 2B289, 3000 Marine Corps Pentagon Washington DC 20350-3000.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT DELIVERY THROUGH THE PENTAGON MAIL SYSTEM (USPS, FEDEX, ETC.) CAN TAKE UP TO FOUR (4) WEEKS.  For questions regarding your request, you may contact us at or 703-614-4008.

IMPORTANT:  When submitting your request, be sure to provide:

  • Your full name
  • Contact information (address, email, and/or phone number)
  • A complete and specific description of the Marine Corps records you are looking for
  • The amount you are willing to pay
  • If applicable, your request for a fee waiver or expedited processing with a full explanation of the basis




Please contact M&RA for further assistance

*If you are looking for housing records from Camp Lejeune contact MCIEAST FOIA office directly at

FOIA/PA Programs Office (ARSF)

Telephone: (703) 614-4008
Fax: (703) 614-6287

Please do not use this e-mail address for Privacy Act requests
Do not send Personally Identifiable Information to this e-mail address

Mailing Address:
Headquarters US Marine Corps
Attn:  FOIA/PA Section (ARSF) Rm 2B289
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-3000