USMC FOIA Requester Service Centers
USMC FOIA Requester Service Centers page

FOIA requesters who have questions concerning the processing of their requests by any HQMC component within our listed Area of Responsibility (please see list below) should contact this Center.

Please see Request Service Centers link below for complete listing
USMC Area of Responsibility
 1)  All HQMC Divisions and Departments (includes field offices like MCIA)
   2)  MCCDC (Marine Corps Combat Development Command) Quantico, VA
          a.  Headquarters and subordinate units
 3)  MCSC (Marine Corps Systems Command) Quantico, VA 
          a.  Requests directed to the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate

4)  MCLC (Marine Corps Logistics Command) 
 5)  MCRC (Marine Corps Recruiting Command)
               a.  ERR (Eastern Recruiting Region) Parris Island, SC
          b.  1st MCD (Marine Corps District) Garden City, NY
          c.  4th MCD (Marine Corps District) Philadelphia, PA
          d.  6th MCD (Marine Corps District) Parris Island, SC
           e.  WRR (Western Recruiting Region) San Diego, CA 
          f.  8th MCD (Marine Corps District) New Orleans, LA
          g.  9th MCD (Marine Corps District) Kansas City, MO
          h.  12th MCD (Marine Corps District) San Diego, CA
 6)  MARFORCENT (Marine Forces Central Command)
  7)  MARFOREUR (Marine Forces European Command)
       8)  MARFORSOUTH (Marine Forces Southern Command)
 9)  MARFORKOREA (Marine Forces Korea)
10) MARFORSOC (Marine Forces Special Operations Command)
11) MARFORCOM (Marine Forces Command) Headquarters
12) MARFORPAC (Marine Forces Command Pacific) Headquarters
13) MARFORRES (Marine Forces Reserves) Headquarters 
14) MCICOM (Marine Corps Installations Command) Headquarters 

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from this Center, you may contact:

DON FOIA Public Liaison
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-1000

POC:  Mr. Steve Muck
Telephone:  (703) 695-1297
Fax:  703-614-4388




FOIA/PA Programs Office (ARSF)

Telephone: (703) 614-4008
Fax: (703) 614-6287

Please do not use this e-mail address for Privacy Act requests
Do not send Personally Identifiable Information to this e-mail address

Mailing Address:
Headquarters US Marine Corps
Attn:  FOIA/PA Section (ARSF) Rm 2B289
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-3000



Headquarters Marine Corps