Enable information technology (IT) command, control, communication and computer support across the Marine Corps Information Environment Enterprise (MCIEE) and the MAGTF.  Develop service policies and execute DC I advocacy roles for the Title 10 responsibilities to “Man, Train, Equip” the 0600 and 2800 occupational fields, IT governance, resourcing, cybersecurity, spectrum, capital planning, investment control, portfolio management, and enterprise architecture to deliver the Service’s networks. Executes DC I functions as the Department of the Navy, Deputy CIO (Marine Corps), the Marine Corps Senior Information Security Officer, and the Marine Corps Authorizing Official. Service policy lead for C4 interoperability and operational effectiveness naval, joint, and coalition information environments.

Director of HQMC C4

Brigadier General Joseph A. Matos







Image of Deputy Director

Deputy Director of HQMC C4


Technical Director of HQMC C4

SL Dr. Daniel Corbin