Company Offices(Under development)
Headquarters and Service Battalion company offices

Accountability: Accountability is the first priority of every Marine unit across the Corps. The Morning Report is key for daily accountability and must be submitted no later than 1200 EST. Additionally, upon checking into the unit, please ensure to update your contact information contained in your MOL BIR. Due to the unique composition of the battalion, updated work and personal phone numbers/emails are critical in contacting Marines.

Administrative Action Requests: All administrative packages/requests are submitted via Marine Online through the MyEPAR tab. This process allows Marines to track their packages through the Battalion until completion. Once your EPAR has been received by the Company staff, please allow 3-5 business days for Company action/endorsement to be completed.


Support and Services

The Company Office provides administrative support and guidance to the Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Service Battalion (H&S Bn), Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), HQMC staff agencies, and the Marines of H&S Bn by:

·        Providing notary services.  The adjutant is a notary and can be emailed at

·        Managing the command’s directives control point (DCP).  Battalion orders were summarized in the Battalion SOP in June 2019.

·        Responding to congressional and special interest correspondence (Congressional Inquiries and Inspector General Complaints).

·        Processing Electronic Personnel Administration Requests (EPARs).

·        Responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

·        Advising personnel on performance evaluations system (PES) issues.

·        Processing personnel casualty reports and personnel related Serious Incident Reports (SIRs).

·        Processing personal awards for the headquarters staff and providing advice when the chain of command is unclear.

·        Managing official mail.

·        Processing Flag Requests.

·        Managing the Command Duty Roster.

·        Managing MOL Permissions and Billet Identification Code assignments.

·        Creating enlisted promotion warrants and distributing officer promotion warrants after receiving them from the promotions branch in Quantico.

·        Managing battalion legal administration.  This includes non-judicial punishment, command investigations, and administrative separations. 
         For courts Martial, the S-1 requests legal services support from the Staff Judge Advocate, Marine Corps Installations Command. 

·        Serving as the Battalion Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for Government Travel Charge Cards (GTCC).

·        Serving as the Defense Travel System (DTS) Organizational Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA) for the Battalion.  Also houses approving officials for DTS             authorizations and vouchers for Headquarters Company.

·        Approving convalescent leave and overseas leave on behalf of the Commanding Officer.

·        Serving as the Voting Assistance Office.

·        Managing security clearance in-briefing, out-briefing and initiating investigations for the Headquarters personnel. 

 Alpha Company Office

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri, 0700-1630


A Co Commander


Co 1stSgt


Co GySgt


Admin NCO


After Hours

BN OOD 202-439-5941

Headquarters Marine Corps