Outbound SEPS
OutboundSEPS page

Regular Separations (EAS):

***MARADMIN 307/16 mandates the use of the Outbound Interview (OBI) Module within MOL for Marines that are separating/retiring from the Marine Corps.***

In order to Separate from the Marine Corps, you must:
- Attend TRS up to 18 months prior to your EAS but NO LATER THAN 6 months prior to EAS/Separating. (Your Unit Transition Coordinator will help schedule this) **TRS CLASS FILLS UP QUICKLY!! BE PROACTIVE AND SCHEDULE EARLY!!
- Complete and submit your Outbound Interview. (OBI) via MOL (made available 180 days from EAS. Must be completed and APPROVED by your Company Commander NO LATER THAN 90 days out from requested departure date)
- Once ADMIN CERTIFIED, go back into OBI to print out your approved DMO endorsement from OBI (listed under “attachments”) and take it to DMO to arrange household goods move and/or transportation.
- Complete a Final Physical
- Checkout Sheet COMPLETE WITH STAMPS AND SIGNATURES (Available from the S-1)


*** Marines will not be given their orders and DD Form 214s until the day they are scheduled to detach. Any incomplete checkout requirements will cause a delay in departure.***


The following must be completed and turned into the HH PAC Separations section in order to receive your DD-214:
- Completed Checkout Sheet
- Completed DD Form 2648 (TRS w/ Capstone)
- Completed Career Planner Interview
- Completed Final Physical (DD Forms 2808, 2807, 2697)
- Complete Medical and Dental records w/ STR DD Form 2963

*Medical Records not required if being processed for medical separation/Retirement. DD Form 2808 and DD Form 2807

- Completed Missing Gear Statement (completed NAVMC 6 – If applicable)
- Approved TFRS message (only for those being involuntarily separated, ECFC, SEPS Pay, etc.)
- Page 11 for General under Honorable conditions (if applicable)
- RE code page 11 (applicable for all RE codes recommended that are other than RE-1A)


Valuable Information:
- Update your MOL and MyPay password and personal email before you depart Henderson Hall.
- Make sure you complete your travel claim via MOL/OBI once you reach your final destination. It is money you are entitled to.
- Personal Statement of Military Compensation and Verification of Military Education (VMET) on MOL (anytime you want to look). PSMC is a good breakdown of what entitlements you receive in the military. It may shed some light on what it will take for you to maintain your current quality of life. VMET shows the courses you attended while on active duty and whether they are creditable for college credits.
- If your OBI is CERTIFIED, and you take ANNUAL LEAVE before your TERMINAL START DATE, please bring in a copy of your APPROVED MOL LEAVE REQUEST. This will avoid any potential delays in providing you with your DD 214 and Separation Orders.

-DO NOT input LWAS or Transition PTAD in the MOL leave application, it WILL interfere with your ability to be processed out by the HH PAC.

Headquarters Marine Corps