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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Mission Statement

Henderson Hall’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program provides 24/7 support and advocacy to all Marines, Sailors, and military dependents over 18. The Program addresses the prevention of sexual assault through awareness, education, and training. We also ensure that all Marines who are victims of sexual assault are “treated with dignity, sensitivity, and without prejudice”  

Marine Corps Order 1752.5C

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Restricted Report

This enables someone to receive support services without triggering an official investigation. The following individuals have confidentiality and they are ready to help:

  • Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) 

  • SAPR Victim Advocate

  • Healthcare Provider

  • Chaplain*

  • Victims’ Legal Counsel*

When a restricted report is made, medical care, advocacy and counseling services are available without notifying command or law enforcement officials. The SARC will notify the Commanding Officer of the Installation that an assault occurred without providing identifying information about the victim. A Marine who elects to make a restricted report can always change to an unrestricted report.

Victims are cautioned only to disclose a sexual assault to specified individuals to avoid third party reporting.  If a victim discloses a sexual assault to a Marine in his or her direct chain of command, then the Marine is a mandated reporter, and required to make the appropriate notifications.** Disclosure of a sexual assault does not automatically initiate an unrestricted report unless that disclosure is to Law Enforcement. The victim shall be referred to the SARC or SAPR VA to discuss reporting options.

*The SARC and SAPR VA are the only sources that can take the official report via form DD2910.  All other individuals, including Healthcare personnel, counselors, Victim Legal Counsel (VLC) and chaplain, can maintain confidentiality but not make an official report.

** Victims choosing not to participate in the Military Criminal Investigation Organization (MCIO) investigations initiated upon third-party reports or by command (e.g., if a Service member reports a sex-related offense to a supervisor in the chain of command) may do so by signing a 540K Victim Preference Statement indicating their decision not to participate in an investigation. Victims are encouraged to consult with an SVC or VLC and provide the MCIOs with written notice of their decision as soon as possible.

Unrestricted Report

This allows the same support however an official investigation will be conducted by Law Enforcement/NCIS and the Command will be notified as well. 

The following individuals can assist in an Unrestricted Report:

  •        Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

  • SAPR Victim Advocate

  • Healthcare Provider

  • Chaplain

  • Victims’ Legal Counsel

  • Chain of Command

  • Law Enforcement

Details of the incident will only be shared with personnel who have a legitimate need to know. This option allows the victim to request a Military Protective Order, Civilian Protective Order, or an Expedited Transfer and enables the Marine Corps to potentially hold the offender accountable.




Ft. Myer Provost Marshalls Office (PMO)
(703) 588-2800 / 2801

Henderson Hall Family Advocacy Program/ Victim Advocate

(703) 614-7204 Office (703) 693-6611 24/7 Support Line

Henderson Hall Command Chaplain

(703) 614-9280 Office (703) 772-4868 After hours

Regional Victims' Legal Counsel (VLC)


DoD Safe Helpline

(877) 995-5247 Text 55-247

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN)

(800) 656-HOPE/4673

National Domestic Violence

(800) 799-SAFE/7233

Military One Source

(800) 342-9647 Stateside 00-800-3429-6477 Overseas (484) 530-5908 Overseas Collect


More SAPR information at :



DC Rape Crisis Center

(202) 333-RAPE/7273, 24-Hour Hotline

Group Counseling: (202) 742-1720

(Male counselors are available)

Alexandria Sexual Assault Response & Awareness (SARA)

(703) 683-7273, 24-Hour Hotline

(Services can only be used if the assault occurs or if the victim lives in Alexandria)

Doorways for Women and Families

(703) 237-0881, 24-hour Hotline

Fairfax Domestic Violence Helpline

(703) 360-7273

Domestic Violence Center, MD

(410) 997-3292

Sexual Assault Victims’ Advocacy Service (SAVAS) (Dumfries, VA-Group counseling offered)

(703) 368-4141, 24/7 Crisis line; (703) 497-1192, office



Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
Office: (703) 693-4733
Work Cell: (202) 439-5827
Joint Base 24/7 Support Line: 

1555 Southgate Rd, Bldg 29
Arlington VA 22214

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