Emall Account Set-up
Emall Account Set-up page

Account Set-up

Go to When prompted, select the following responses:

Account Type - Government Employee or GOV shopper
*Hit continue when asked if you have a government credit card, foreign national, using NAF program funds

Department - Dept. of Defense

Service/Agency- Marine Corps

Major Command - HQMC BN for HQMC buys
Unit of Assignement

Duty Location - HH/ Navy Anx/Pentagon/Arlington

State - Virginia

Postal Code - 22214

Country - US
*Provide the information for your supervisors information

DODAAC - M67353

~All other areas should automatically populate

Shopping Tips

Sign on and click "Shop." Under "Catalog Search" you can type in a a part number or product name.
Items to keep in mind:
ARO- The amount of turn around days should be 3 days or less
Sort by option- Upon login, the items will be sorted by ranking. You can also select vendor type.
*Once you find your preferred item, apply the amount and click add. The icon will change to a green shopping cart. There will be a running total summary at the top right of the page. Once you have finished shopping, click on "cart summary." Save your cart as a word document to attach to the Purchase Request.
Click the Send button and apply the appropriate selection, based on your duty station:
Pentagon/Quantico - Fighter3
Navy Annex/Henderson Hall - CLReed


DSSC Store
Office Max Contract or EMALL (for all office supplies)
Vendor with accompaning quote a purchase request

Headquarters Marine Corps