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The Marine Corps introduced the use of Marine Online (MOL) to process Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Joins/Travel Claims in MARADMIN 193/21


Effective 17 April 2023, Henderson Hall (RUC 54008) will transition from the manual inbound process to the self-service Inbound Interview (IBI) and Travel Voucher Interview (TVI) process. The only exceptions to the utilization of IBI/TVI will be those Marines in categories not supported by the IBI/TVI applications. The Manual join and travel voucher process will continue to be executed by the Personnel Administration Center (PAC), for those categories of Marines not supported by the IBI/TVI applications. 

Accordingly, all Marines arriving to Henderson Hall are directed to check-in with the Battalion S-1, of whom will assume responsibility of this process and direct members not supported by the IBI/TVI, to the PAC for assistance.

The IBI/TVI does not currently support join and travel voucher processes for the following categories of Marines:

  1. Marines in the accession pipeline (Manual Inbound process - PAC)
  2. Marines issued Temporary Duty Under Instruction (TEMINS)/ Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) Orders (Manual Inbound process - PAC)
  3. Reservists (all types) (Manual Inbound process - PAC)


If you require personalized assistance prior to check-in, please call the Battalion S-1 during normal working hours, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., at 703-614-2014.

All personnel reporting after normal working hours will report to Henderson Hall OOD located in Building 29 on the Quarter Deck. The OOD can be contacted at 703-614-5973. Marines checking in that require a Barracks room can contact the Duty NCO, located at the Barracks, after checking in with the OOD. The Duty NCO will assist with assignment to a transit barracks room. The Duty NCO can be contacted at 202-439-6163/5941

All personnel checking into Henderson Hall must be in the Service “A” uniform.

 IBI and TVI Training Guide are made available on the MISSA/MISSO portal at


Contact Information:


S1 NCOIC:  703-614-2014



Office:    784-217-3193



1. MARADMIN 193/21

2. MCTFS PRIUM, Chapter 12, para 120103




Please ensure you have the documents listed below when you arrive to the Inbound Branch for your New Join Audit.

Accession Pipeline Marines (This is your first permanent duty station):
- Copy of Boot Camp Orders
- Copy of SOI Orders
- Copy of Recruiters Assistance Orders (If Applicable)
- Copy of Schoolhouse Orders (If Applicable)
- Orders to Present Unit
- Complete Service Record Book
- Travel receipts (If Applicable)

Careerists PCSing:
- Basic Orders
- Orders Endorsement
- Port Call (If coming from an OCONUS location)

- All Other Endorsements/Forms (TMO/CMD/IPAC/Housing) (if Applicable)
- Receipts (Hotel/Flights)



- MROWS Orders
- Receipts (As applicable)


***If you acquired a dependent en route to your new duty station, please bring the following documents with you to your New Join Audit class: -Proof of dependency (Marriage License, Birth Certificate) - Identification for the dependent being added. The aforementioned documents must be provided for every dependent on your record, even if they have already been approved as dependents in the past.***