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Bravo Company Office

Overview: Henderson Hall is a unique organization that has over 2,000 active and reserve component Marines administratively attached to one of four companies, and operating at various Department of Defense commands. Most Marines operate in the vicinity of the National Capital Region, but there are contingents of Marines who serve throughout the world.

Mission: To administratively support Marines external to Headquarters Marine Corps Staff Agencies and ensure accountability, readiness, and force preservation of each Marine.

Organization: In order to administratively command and control over 650 Marines assigned to Bravo Company, each Marine is assigned in Marine Online into one of 40 specific platoons.

Accountability: Please update your work email in MOL to reflect the email you check on a daily basis (see embedded pdf: Individual Contact Info Update). We want to ensure we have accountability of all Marines, and pulling current information from MOL is how we reach out to you. To ensure 100% accountability and force preservation of Company and Battalion assets, morning reports are due NLT 1030 every day.  If you do not have this capability please contact the Bravo Company 1stSgt. 

Administrative Action Requests: Director, Marine Corps Staff (DMCS) serves as the first general officer in the administrative chain of command for Headquarters and Service Battalion. Any correspondences that requires a General Officer's endorsement must be submitted to DMCS staff NLT 30 days prior to the perspective action date of request. To ensure a timely submission, plan to submit packages to Bravo Company eight weeks from action date of request. If the endorsement requires the BN endorsement, then submission to the company is requested four weeks out. Submit all correspondence to the Bravo Company Admin NCO.

Annual Service Training Requirements: Bravo Company Marines are exempt from some annual service training requirements but not all. The company will work with Marines to ensure they are in compliance with required training.

If you require ANY services or administrative assistance, please use the Bravo Co staff as your first echelon support and we will take action or redirect you to the Bn staff as necessary.  It is best to include all Bravo Co Staff members when corresponding via email.

For training documents and information, click here.


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BnO OD 202-439-5941