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Headquarters and Service Battalion

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Bravo Company Office

Bravo Company

 Accountability: Please update your work email in MOL to reflect the email you check on a daily basis (see embedded pdf: Individual Contact Info Update). We receive hundreds of "undeliverable" messages each time we send out an all hands email. We want to ensure we have accountability of all Marines, and pulling current information from MOL is how we reach out to you.  

If you are going TAD, please inform the B Company Staff when you depart and when you return.  

Administrative Action Requests: All correspondences that requires the Battalion Commander’s signature must first be endorsed by the appropriate Bravo Company staff. Submit all correspondences to the company and not the S-1.

Annual Service Training Requirements: Bravo Company Marines are exempt from some annual service training requirements but not all. The company will work with Marines to ensure they are in compliance with required training.

If you require ANY services or administrative assistance, please use the Bravo Co staff as your first echelon support and we will take action or redirect you to the Bn staff as necessary.


For training documents and information, click here.

Co Cmdr: Maj Wise Justine.Wise@usmc.mil 703-693-7404

Co SEA: GySgt Burke Perry.L.Burke@usmc.mil 703-693-2494

Co Training NCO: Sgt Gutierrez Hector.Gutierrez@usmc.mil 703-614-7264

Co Clerk: Sgt Benton Scott.Benton@usmc.mil 703-693-8425


After hours: BnO OD 202-439-5941