Temporary Additional Duty
Temporary Additional Duty page
TAD/ Deployed Support Section

The TAD/Deployed Support Section is responsible for personnel reporting or detaching for TAD, pre/post deployment audits, reporting and auditing of pay entitlements, and Pers-Tempo reporting.

A. Reserve ADOS/PCS orders. Reserve Marine who are on ADOS Per-Diem Orders will submit their 30 days partial thru the TAD section. Reserve Marines who are on PCS orders will submit their TAD thru DTS.

B. Foreign Area Officers (FAO). The CONAD provides administrative TAD support to all FAO Marines and their dependents. Marines approved TAD requests will be T-Entered and processed thru DTS for payment.

C. Afghanistan/Pakistan (AFPK). Marines who reports to the CONAD for the AFPK program, will be attached TAD and all deployed entitlements will be reported once deployed.

Parent Department

Parent Department are responsible for notifying the TAD/Deployed Support Section when assigned personnel enter and depart a field duty status so that appropriate PersTempo and BAS checkages can be reported.

Individual Augment/TAD EXCESS

A. Prior to Departure

(1) All personnel assigned as an Individual Augment, going TAD in excess of 30 days, or going TAD Outside CONUS (OCONUS) must report to the CONAD The TAD/Deployed Support Section and complete the required Pre-Deployment Audit within 30 days prior to departure. This primarily consists of updating the BIR/BTR/RED/SGLI and FSA Form. CONAD will need a copy of each service member’s deployment orders.

(2) A Family Care Plan is required to be completed and on file for all single parents & dual military couples with dependents. Please see the checklist and the sample Power of Attorney contained in MCO 1740.13.

B. Upon Arrival in Theater

(1) All personnel shall ensure The TAD/Deployed Support Section, who can be reached at DSN 224-7171, or commercial 703-614-7171; or comm fax 703-614-7158 or (DSN) 224-7158, is notified of the travel itinerary that was actually performed; reflecting the date departed this duty station and the date the service member arrived at the TAD/deployed location. Entitlements will not be started until such documentation is received.

(2) Providing this documentation will be required in order to start the deployed entitlements such as Hazardous Duty Pay-L, Hostile Fire Pay (HFP)/Imminent Danger Pay (IDP), FSA-T, Deployed-Per-Diem (C), and Combat Zone Tax Exclusion. CONAD TAD/Deployed Support Section will also report all deployment related MCTFS entries such as Crisis Code, Operation History, and PersTempo.

C. Upon Return to CONUS

Personnel must return to the CONAD for a post-deployment/TAD audit. Please ensure that a copy of your travel claim is provided to CONAD for entitlements verification. This post-deployment/TAD audit, along with a travel itinerary, will support any subsequent MCTFS entries and award requirements.

Wounded in Action

A. The TAD/Deployed Support Section will identify and track all service members who have been wounded in action (WIA). Upon receipt of a PCR or when it is known that a service member has been WIA, the appropriate unit diary entries will be reported to record such events (i.e., TO SIK WIA HOSP, TO SIK OTHER, etc.).

B. In accordance with Personnel Administration Advisory Notice (PAAN) 06-05, PAAN 34-06, MARADMIN 056-04, MARADMIN 262/05, and MARADMIN 227/10, the Deployment Support/TAD Section will ensure that the following entitlements are applied as appropriate:

(1) HFP/IDP. Service members hospitalized for a wound or injury incurred as a result of “hostile action” are to remain entitled to HFP/IDP for each month the member is hospitalized up to an additional 3 months after the month in which the wound or injury occurred.

(2) Combat Exclusion Tax Entitlement (CZTE). Service members are entitled to CZTE for any month that the service member is hospitalized or re-hospitalized as a result of wounds, disease, or injury incurred while serving in a combat zone. This tax exemption will not apply to any months beginning more than 2 years after the date of termination of activities in the combat zone.

(3) Pay and Allowances Continuation (PAC) Program. Per MARADMIN 227/10, pay and allowances shall continue to be paid to a service member who, in the line of duty, incurs a wound, injury, or illness in a combat operation or a combat zone, while serving in a hostile fire area, or while exposed to a hostile fire event (regardless of location), and is hospitalized for treatment of the wound, injury, or illness. In order to qualify for PAC, a Marine must meet the requirements found in paragraphs 4a & 4b of MARADMIN 227/10. Eligible Marines are authorized PAC beginning on the date first hospitalized for a period up to 12 continuous months.
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