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Mission Statement

Is to provide quality, efficient, cost effective transportation support to Headquarters and Service Battalion, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, and other Department of Defense agencies throughout the National Capital Region. Our Travel Management Company (TMC) provides airline reservations and ticketing; rental car, hotel reservations; bus and rail tickets as required in the performance of official travel (PCS or TAD). Our Household Goods section (HHG) processes applications for outbound personal property shipments, mobile homes, boats, and Privately-Owned Vehicles (POV’s); arrange temporary and non-temporary storage of HHG’s and mobile homes; assists with the processing and filing of personal property claims for damages.

The Department of Defense is committed to helping service members, their families and anyone moving with the military get organized and master their move. Use the following resources to access the information, support and assistance you need – from understanding PCS orders and entitlements, to shipping household goods, moving with pets, filing a claim, learning about your new duty station and more. For more information, please visit

Household Goods Section
(703) 614-7190/91

Official Travel Support
(703) 614-7190/91

Household Goods Fax
(703) 614-7192

Travel Management Company (TMC)
1 (866) 928-1154

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