New guidelines for submission of medical records to Veterans Affairs

5 Dec 2013 | LCpl. Kathy Nunez

The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery has established the Navy Medicine Records Activity collect and review all service treatment records of separating personnel per MARADMIN 637/13 released Nov. 29..

The Navy Medicine Records Activity ensures all service treatment records are complete prior to being sent to the Veterans Affairs Records Management Center. The order’s new guidelines for records submission are effective immediately.

Prior to the order, all installation personnel administration centers and separating administrative units were responsible for sending all medical records to the Veterans Affair Records Management Center. 

According to the order, military treatment facilities, including dental, are to ensure all medical record documentation is collected and delivered to separating Marines at least five days prior to their separation or terminal leave.

Marines must turn in their service treatment records to their administrative units before departing. All service treatment records will be mailed to the Navy Medicine Records Activity no later than 30 days after the Marine’s separation date.

Beginning Jan. 1, military treatment facilities will assume the responsibility of electronically submitting all service treatment records directly to the Veterans Affairs Records Management Center. 

Headquarters Marine Corps