Appendix C
Appendix C to the Uniform Regulations; wear regulations and graphics for the new female blue dress uniform

Appendix C: New Female Blue Dress Uniform Graphics

Officer Female Blue Dress Coat                         Enlisted Female Blue Dress Coat

Commonly asked questions:

  • Do officers wear white cuffs with their coats?
    MCUB Answer:  No, only the white strip collar (which is gender neutral but the packaging might still say “male officer…” until they use up the old inventory).
  • Do female enlisted Marines wear male chevrons and hash marks on the new coat?
    MCUB Answer:  No, you still wear your female specific chevrons and hash marks (the width of the sleeve did not change).
  • As a female Marine, can I just purchase and wear the male coat?
    MCUB answer:  No, they are two distinctly different coats.  The quick tell is that if there are pockets on the front of the coat, it’s the male coat.
  • If I was issued a coat for the wear test (at either 8th&I or from SysCom), can I wear it?
    MCUB answer:  Unless you were specifically told you can do so, the answer is no.  Only three Marines (two of which are pictured above) have the final version of the coat.  You will need to purchase the new coat.

Are enlisted Marines and officers going to be issued the coat?
MCUB Answer:  No, only if you get it at Boot Camp or are a drilling Reservist.  All other enlisted Marines will use their annual clothing replacement allowance (which has already been adjusted to cover the increased cost of the coat) to purchase the new coat, which is one reason why there is a 4 year phase in date.  Until 30 September 2022, you may continue to wear the new or old coat at your option.  As of 1 Oct 2022, the new female blue dress coat will become the female blue dress coat and the old coat will be deemed obsolete.  Policy restrictions prohibit us from issuing the coat to officers or paying them an allowance to purchase it, so officers will have to buy it out of pocket.


Figure 4-3.—Placement of Branch of Service and Officer’s Grade Insignia



Figure 4-8.—Placement of Enlisted Grade Insignia and Service Stripes (Women)



Current women’s blue dress coat