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Headquarters Marine Corps


Headquarters Marine Corps

BN Supply Purchase Request
How To Submit A Purchase Request

Determine what kind of purchase request you are submitting:
  • Contract - Over $3000
  • Routine - Under $3000
  • MILSTRIP - No Dollar Value
Once you have determined what kind of purchase, please follow the below steps for completing your purchase request.

On the PR Builder website, https://www.prbuilder.usmc.mil, at the top right, ensure the DODACC (M67353) is selected.

Select "Cabinet", then "Create PR" and complete as follows:

The PR number will be completed automatically. Ensure the number includes the following:

- Fiscal Year
And the appropriate two digit code:
RQ - Routine Buys, MILSTRIP
SU - Contract
TG - Training
PR - Printing
00000 - automated serial number

PR Name - Name the PR appropriately
Priority - 5, 10, 15
Priority Justification - You must justify your purchase

Date Created will fill in automatically

Financial System:

1. SABRS (Contracts)

2. None Selected (Routine Buy)

Originator Information - Complete all fields

CLIN - Fill in all fields. The more information provided, the easier and faster to complete the request.

(You may put vendors information in the line description box)
*Ship to, and date of shippment - are required sections

Note: You must ensure that everything in RED is completed. Also, Attach any supporting documentation for your request to the PR before submitting.