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Separation/Retirement Section
This section is responsible for providing administrative support for separations at EAS, retirements, and administrative separations for all active duty and reserve Marines assigned to Henderson Hall.

Pre-Retirement Brief

Video Pre-Retirement Brief

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Pre Retirement Brief Certificate

Check-out Procedures

Marines must coordinate with the CONAD as soon as separations action is contemplated, and remain in contact in order to ensure proper administrative action is completed.

A. Upon reporting to the Separation/Retirement Section,Marines will receive a short separations brief. During this brief, each Marine will complete a case folder containing administrative forms providing information necessary for completion of the DD Form 214, NAVMC 11060, and other separation documentation based on their respective circumstances, as well as terminal leave and PTAD. Marines scheduling an appointment should contact the Separation/Retirement Section at (703) 614-7171.

B. Each Marine will receive a Pre-Separation checklist. The checklist will identify milestones starting 180 days out (360 days for retirements/transfer to FMCR) from the anticipated separation date that must be considered and completed prior to the separation date. Marines must return to the CONAD Separation Section no later than 20 days prior to their planned date of detachment to review documents and sign if necessary.

Transition Assistance Management Program

A. Marines being separated from active duty are counseled by the command Transition Counselor (UTC) concerning the TAMP, TAP, and any other relevant civil readjustment programs.

B. The Marine will be reminded of the requirement to attend the mandatory separations brief and the seminar provided by Henderson Hall.

C. TAP/TAMP for Marines pending administrative separation should be scheduled as soon as the administrative separation process is initiated.

Final Physicals

A. Physicals should be scheduled no more than 12, but no less than 6 months, prior to the effective date of separation to allow time for necessary medical treatment or disability processing. Blood laboratory work is good for only 90 days and must be redone if the 90 day window has expired prior to the Marine's separation (every Marine being separated is required to submit to an HIV test prior to separating, but will not be held on active duty pending results of the HIV test.)

B. Marines must ensure discharge physicals are initiated not less than 90 days prior to the date of separation to ensure the separating Marine is physically qualified for separation. Reenlistment physicals are not acceptable substitutions for separation physicals.

C. It is the sole responsibility of the Marine to schedule the physical and provide a copy to the Separation/Retirements Section prior to the effective date of terminal leave/PTAD.

D. Final physical for Marines pending administrative separation should be scheduled as soon as the administrative separation process is initiated.

Terminal Leave

Marines who desire to take terminal leave must contact the CONAD Separation Section early to discuss requirements. Upon completion of all required briefings, the Marine must return with the completed terminal leave requests approved by the chain of command/normal leave approval authority at least 45 days prior to the planned departure date of terminal leave.

A. Department commanders may grant terminal leave up to 90 days. Requests for terminal leave in excess of 90 days must be submitted to CMC for approval.

B. The Marine will be issued orders authorizing leave awaiting separation from the CONAD Separation/Retirement Section on the date of departure.

C. The Marine is responsible for mailing their DD Form 2MC (Active Duty ID Card/Dependent ID Card) back to the CONAD if there is no reserve obligation. The DD Form 214 will be mailed to the address provided by the Marine prior to departure, or given to the Marine prior to PTAD or terminal leave.

D. To receive reserve/retired ID cards, Marines are responsible for taking source documents to any ID card issuing facility. All active, National Guard, and Reserve activities with on-line access to DEERS may issue ID cards.

E. Marines with a separation date falling on a weekend or holiday may elect to take terminal leave and detach on a workday.

Transition PTAD

Transition PTAD will be authorized for retirements, transfers to the FMCR, and involuntary separations in accordance with the Leave and Liberty Manual.

Household Goods Shipments

Henderson Hall TMO requires a copy of the terminal leave/separation/retirement orders in order to process a household goods move. The Marine is responsible for taking copies of the orders to TMO to arrange shipment of household goods.

Supply Accounts

Marines should inventory their equipment and settle discrepancies with supply accounts as early as possible due to the time required to rectify deficiencies.

Battalion supply checkages for missing gear must be routed via the Marine’s chain of command and delivered to the CONAD using NAVMC 6 signed by the Battalion supply officer for reporting on the Department diary. Marines will not be able to completely check out with CIF until they have validation that a checkage has been reported.


Retirement Ceremonies are the responsibility of the command.

Check-out Sheets

Marines will report to the CONAD prior to their EAS, or terminal leave/permissive TAD, to be issued check-out sheets.

A. The Marine will check-out of the CONAD on the day of departure. If the Marine is still under an obligation with the Marine Corps he or she will check-out with the ID card center.

Administratively separated Marines must surrender their ID card during the check-out process.

Separation Processing

All departing Marines must turn in their Health and Dental records, DD Form 2468, and completed check-out sheet to the CONAD. Marines departing on their EAS will receive the DD Form 214. Marines departing on terminal leave will receive their terminal leave orders.

Administrative Separations

Commanders are required to process all Marines and Sailors who meet the criteria for separation IAW the MARCORSEPSMAN, rather than allowing them to continue to their normal EAS or Expiration of Current Contract (ECC).

1) Marines who are been processed for Admin Sep will ensure they receives a separation physical. Utilizing the SF1010, the examining physician must indicate whether or not a Marine is qualified for separation. A copy of the SF1010 must be provided to the CONAD for inclusion into the SRB/OQR.

2) Ensure the Marine completes TAP class prior to the Marine separating. A copy of the TAP certificate must be provided to the CONAD for inclusion into the SRB/OQR.

3) Marines must report to the CONAD to receive a short briefing from the Separation/Retirement Section personnel. As certain actions still require considerable time to complete (settlement of supply account, final physical, TAP/TAMP, etc.). Command supervision is required.

F. Marines will normally be separated not later than 10 working days after the administrative separation is approved: an adjusted EAS/ECC/EOS will be reported effective 10 working days after approval. For unique cases requiring less than 10 days, Commanders need to contact the separation/Retirement Section.

Transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve (FMCR) and Retirements

A. All requests for retirement or transfer to the FMCR will be submitted by the he Separation/Retirement Section in the MCTFS after having determined the Marine’s eligibility. Marines will complete the Retirement Pre-Application Checklist (MARCORSEPSMAN, Appendix J) and submit it to the Commanding Officer via their chain of command. The request will establish a requested FMCR/retirement date and planned departure date. The checklist will serve as the source document for the Department diary entry.

B. Requests will be submitted CONAD no earlier than 14 months and no later than 4 months prior to the requested date. Separation can be requested outside of these parameters via AA Form to CMC (MMSR) with justification. The requested date of transfer to the FMCR/retirement must be either the last day of the month or the Marine’s EAS (first day for officers).

C. Marines and Department must keep the Separation/Retirement Section informed of any modifications or changes to retirement.

D. Upon completion of all required briefings, but not less than 60 working days from the Marine’s projected transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve/retirement date or commencement of terminal leave, the Marine will set up an appointment and return to the CONAD Separation/Retirement Section for review of the DD Form 2656, Retired Pay Data Form.

E. Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP). Marines will be counseled on the SBP program upon 18 years of active service and 60 days prior to retirement. A mandatory page 11 will be signed by the Marine acknowledging their counseling.

F. Check-out Sheet. Upon return of the completed checkout sheet, the Marine will be issued appropriate travel orders.

Orders Home Awaiting PEB

Requests for Orders home awaiting final action by the PEB will be submitted for approval/disapproval to the Marine's respective Commanding Officer using a Home Awaiting Orders request form, via the chain of command (MARCORSEPMAN governs procedures for Home Awaiting Orders). Requests for Orders home awaiting PEB will contain a completed signed copy of the findings of the PEB proceedings indicating the member is unfit for duty and has fully accepted the findings of the Board and that no further hospitalization or treatment is required.

A. If approved, the command must direct the Marine to report to the CONAD with a copy of the request. Marines reporting to the CONAD will receive a short briefing from the Separation/ Retirement Section personnel. During this brief each Marine will complete administrative forms and provide information necessary for completion of the DD Form 214, NAVMC 11060, and other separation documentation based on their respective circumstances.


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