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Inbound Section's Page
The Inbound Section serves as the single centralized inbound department for Marines reporting to Headquarters and Service Battalion, Henderson Hall. For all PCS, PCA and Reservists ordered to active duty (unless reporting to MOB Processing Center, Quantico), reporting in will be accomplished at this location.


All New Join Marines are required to report to the ConAd wearing Service “A” uniform. The ConAd is located aboard Joint Base Fort Meyer-Henderson Hall on the second deck of Building 29. ALL Marines are required to check-in to the CONAD upon the following occasions: arrival for Permanent Change of Station (PCS), when directed Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA), Reserve ordered to active, upon assignment to Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS), and To/From Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) in excess of 30 days. (Note) Marines on PCA orders MUST report in by 2359 to the ConAd or duty the same day as your detachment date.

a. All personnel will report to the ConAd Inbound Section prior to the no later than date annotated on their PCS/PCA orders or the first work day if arriving on a weekend, with the appropriate reporting endorsement from the Battalion Duty. To expedite the check-in process and the payment of travel expenses, please ensure you have the following (if applicable):

* Web Orders

*All Original Order Endorsement

*A command endorsement for all temporary instruction (TEMINS) completed

*All commercial lodging and travel receipts

*Flight itinerary

*Portcall/TMO endorsement (overseas only)

*Receipts for expenses over $75.00


a. Inbound Section will process all newly activatedReservists who are on ADOS orders for 31 days or more, or who are on PCS orders, and are assigned to Henderson Hall RUC 54008. Reserve personnel will not report to their work section prior to checking in with the ConAd.


All Personnel reporting after working hours are required to report in with the duty; then report to ConAd the first working day thereafter. Ensure your orders are stamped with the time and date you checked in with the duty. The duty number is (202)439-6136/5941.


Single Sergeants and below who report to this command are required to reside in the BEQ. If a single Sergeant and below were authorized BAH own right at the previous command, it is not an automatic entitlement when you check into Henderson Hall. A BAH own right package MUST be submitted and endorsed by your chain of command (your chain of command starts from the section you are assigned to at Henderson Hall, not at your previous command) and MUST be approved by the Commanding Officer prior to making any leasing commitment out in the local economy.


Henderson Hall does not accommodate geo-bachelors, therefore, arrangements much be made out in the local economy for lodging.


Family Housing is to provide quality family housing for all eligible members assigned to the National Capitol Region. Military personnel assigned to Henderson Hall who have dependents that reside with the military member on a permanent basis, are eligible to apply for on-base housing.

Go to the MCCS Relocation Assistance Program website for the list of available housing and additional details.


Fort Myer and Fort McNair:

Temporary Lodging at Fort Myer and Fort McNair is located within a few minutes of the heart of Washington, D.C. and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Lodging facilities primarily serve personnel on PCS or TDY orders.

The Registration Desk is located at 318 Jackson Avenue, Bldg 50 Fort Myer, and can be reached at (703)696-3576/7. Guests with confirmed reservations at Fort McNair should proceed to Wainwright Hall on Fort Myer to register prior to going to Fort McNair.

You may also visit their website here. for additional information.

The Crossroads Inn at MCB Quantico:

Temporary Lodging at The Crossroads Inn is located at 3018 Russell Road, Quantico VA 22134, about 30 miles from Henderson Hall. Their main phone number is (800) 965-9511 or (703)630-4444. You may also visit their website at for additional information.

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