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Headquarters and Service Battalion


Headquarters and Service Battalion

Headquarters Marine Corps

Henderson Hall
Consolidated Administration Center (ConAd)

The mission of the ConAd is to provide personnel administrative support to the Commander, Marines and families assigned to the National Capitol Region, by ensuring military personnel records and pay accounts are accurate and properly maintained in order to prepare individuals for promotion, retention and worldwide deployment with the operating forces.


The Inbound Section serves as the single centralized inbound department for Marines reporting to Headquarters and Service Battalion, Henderson Hall. For all PCS, PCA and Reservists ordered to active duty (unless reporting to MOB Processing Center, Quantico), reporting in will be accomplished at this location. 


The Outbound Section is responsible for the processing of all Marines detaching from the command. All Marines in receipt of Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA), Reassignment, Release from active duty, and Retirement Orders are processed through the outbound section.


The Customer Service Section is responsible handling routine administrative matters for walk-in customers; duties include marriage/divorce packages, awards updates, personal information updates into MCTFS, completing required triennial audit, and providing general information/guidance for newly introduced administrative practices


The QA section is responsible for:

* Monitoring section unit diary reporting and extract.
* Work, monitor, and review Electronic Diary Feedback Reports (EDFR's).
* Review, monitor, and conduct random audits identifying internal control discrepancies in pay.
* Conduct test cycle of software installation, special queries/operational Data Store Enterprise  reports (ODSE).
* Conduct administrative visits to the supported sections/departments. Track and monitor all pay entitlements for personnel within the Battalion
  and submitting submitting special payments to the Finance Office.
* Process allotments not processed by MyPay as well as resetting MyPay Pin.
* Processing of Special Duty Assignment (SDA) Pay, Proficiency Pay, Hazardous Duty Pay, and FLPP entitlements.
* Career Status Bonus (CSB) processing.
* Assistance with obtaining W2 and W2C.
* Provides printouts of LESs older than a year.
* Advance Pay/BAH processing.
* TSP/ROTH TSP Address updates/changes.
* Process Direct Deposit, Allotment, and Charity forms.
* Waiver and Liquidation of Indebtness assistance/processing.
* Adoption expense reimbursement.


The TAD/Deployment Support Section is responsible for personnel reporting or detaching for TAD, pre/post deployment audits, reporting and auditing of pay entitlements, and Pers-Tempo reporting.
Contact Information

H&S Bn, HQMC, Henderson Hall (Bldg 29)
1555 Southgate Rd
Arlington, Va 22214

Hours of Operation


Closed Thursday
1200-1630 for training

ConAd Central Phone Number
(703) 614-7171

H&S, Bn, Henderson Hall Duty
(202) 439-6136/5941