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Headquarters and Service Battalion


Headquarters and Service Battalion

Headquarters Marine Corps

Henderson Hall
Headquarters Company Office

Headquarters & Service Battalion
Headquarters Company, A & B Companies

Mission Statement: "To provide Headquarters & Service Battalion with the means to facilitate and supervise the command and control of subordinate and attached units in order to efficiently execute training, administrative, logistical, force and family readiness, and sustainment operations.

Headquarters & Service Battalion is administratively subdivided into (3) Companies in order to effectively accomplish its assigned mission and tasks.

HEADQUARTERS COMPANY:  Provides for the continuity of Command and Executive/Special Staff functions in support of the Battalion’s core mission.  Marines assigned to Headquarters Company typically work at Henderson Hall and provide support to the entire Battalion.

A COMPANY:  Is an administrative categorization of personnel assigned to Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) and are administratively managed by Headquarters and Service Battalion.

B COMPANY:  Is an administrative categorization of personnel assigned to other departments/agencies of the federal government, armed service or joint schools, duty under instruction, and all other personnel administratively attached to Headquarters and Service Battalion.

*Regardless of your assigned company all administrative/disciplinary actions are coordinated by the office/staff of Hq Company.

Headquarters Company is responsible for the overall Health and Welfare of the Marines assigned.  The Company Commander acts as the mid-level leadership between the Battalion Commander and the Division/Section OICs. 

The Company’s specific duties include, but are not limited to the following.

a.  Proficiency and Conduct Marks
b.  Pg 11 Counseling
c.  Post and Relief of Duty NCO
d.  BEQ Cleanliness and associated quality of life issues.
e.  Command Screenings
g.  Promotion recommendations and  non-recommendations
h.  Company Non-Judicial Punishment

Contact Information

Company CO
(703) 693-5360

Company XO
(703) 693-8816

Company 1stSgt
(703) 693-8876

Company GySgt
(703) 614-7154

Company Clerk
(703) 614-7140 or

Henderson Hall
Building 29
Room 305 HSCO