The Board for Corrections of Naval Records (BCNR) acts for the Secretary of the Navy.  That Board will examine a constituent's service record and any evidence he/she submits and will make recommendations to the Secretary of the Navy concerning any corrective action deemed appropriate.  In order for a constituent to petition the Board, they must submit a DD From 149 along with any evidence pertinent to their case.  This application should be mailed directly to: 

Board for Corrections of Naval Records
Department of the Navy
Washington, DC 20370-5100.

 Or, visit the Board for Corrections of Naval Records website

That agency's telephone number is (703) 604-6884.

(Note:  DD Form 149 is a *.pdf file; you must have Adobe Acrobat to download)

If a constituent has already petitioned the Board, the Office of Legislative Affairs office does not have any cognizance over the process or the decision.  In these cases, the constituent must await the Board's decision.  Due to volume, on average, this process takes approximately six (6) months.

If a constituent has already petitioned the BCNR but the decision was not favorable, the Board will only reopen the case if new and relevant evidence is presented which substantiates a need for further review.

The following concerns do not fall under the cognizance of the Marine Corps and should be addressed to the BCNR:

  • RE Code Upgrades (Only if it has first been reviewed by the Marine Corps/MMER)
  • Alleging unjust discharge issues greater than 15 years old
  • Changing or rescinding any action taken as a result of a decision by the BCNR or the Secretary of the Navy
  • Requesting a more thorough explanation of the BCNR's findings
  • Any requests for a change to be made to any personnel records
  • Physical disability proceedings
  • Any discharge or punishment received as a result of a General Court Martial
  • Any other perceived injustice dealing with military service (i.e. promotion, discrimination, reinstatement, etc.)

If any questions regarding an alleged unjust discharge that has taken place within the past 15 years are received, these constituents should be referred to the Naval Discharge Review Board (NDRB).  The constituent should send his/her application (DD Form 293) directly to:

Naval Council of Personnel Boards (NDRB)
Navy Department, Room 309
720 Kennon Street, SE
Washington Navy Yard
Washington DC 20374-5023.

For future reference, that agency's telephone number is (202) 685-6600.

Headquarters Marine Corps