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Headquarters Marine Corps


The Navy and Marine Corps Appellate Leave Activity serves to:

- Monitor the case status of members on mandatory/involuntary appellate leave and members assigned to the Federal Bureau of Prisons who are awaiting results of appellate review.

- Monitor the case status of members assigned to Parole or Supervised Release by the Navy Clemency and Parole Board (NC&PB).

- Validate appellate leave status for renewal of military identification cards.

- Provide information as necessary about members on mandatory/involuntary appellate leave to:

a. The Appellate Courts.

b. The Naval Clemency and Parole Board.

c. Members on appellate leave.

d. Members on parole/supervised release.

e. Other interested parties.

- Effect punitive discharges when approved and as directed by the Judge Advocate General.

- Effect clemency action as decided by the Naval Clemency and Parole Board.

- Provides on-site training to Navy and Marine Corps commands and activities.

- Recieves amd acts as central repository for the original service/health records of naval appellants and parolees/supervised releasees..

- Identifies those naval members on appellate leave who have a qualified military offense (QMO) conviction which requires collection and processing of a DNA sample, but whose DNA sample has not been collected; taking necessary steps to resolve the collection requirement.

-Performs other functions and tasks as may be directed by higher authority.

as per BUPERSINST 5450.45D.