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Office of Legislative Affairs

Headquarters Marine Corps

U.S. House of Representatives Liaison
Picture of the House of Representatives in sessionMain Office

Constituent Inquiry Fax

Director, House Liaison:

Colonel Daniel Q. Greenwood

Deputy Director, House Liaison:
Major Angela Hooper

Liaison Officer:
Captain Anthony Garofano

Liaison Officer:
Captain Samuel Howe

House Liaison Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge:
Gunnery Sergeant Lacorie Delaney

House Liaison Administrative Non-Commissioned Officer:
Sergeant Abraham Cruz

CY14 Fellows:  Office:

Major Veronica Kaltrider

Rep Wilson (SC-2)

Captain Christopher Morris

   Rep Hunter (CA-50)

Captain Thomas Koch

Rep Davis (CA-53)

Major David Selmo

Rep Kline (MN-2)

Captain Porter Jones

Rep Issa (CA-49)

GS-13 Catherine Quizon

Rep Moran (VA-8)

Gunnery Sergeant Anna Lloyd

Rep Shuster (PA-9)

Master Sergeant Vernita Stevens

Rep Bishop (GA-2)

Master Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Stowe

Committee of Veterans Affairs (HVAC)