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Office of Legislative Affairs

Headquarters Marine Corps

U.S. House of Representatives Liaison
Picture of the House of Representatives in sessionMain Office
202.225.7124 or 202.226.7801

Constituent Inquiry Fax

Director, House Liaison:

Colonel Daniel Q. Greenwood

Deputy Director, House Liaison:
Major Angela Hooper

Liaison Officer:
Major Anthony Garofano

Liaison Officer:
Captain Samuel Howe

House Liaison Staff Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge:
Gunnery Sergeant (MSgt Sel) Lacorie Delaney

House Liaison Administrative Non-Commissioned Officer:
Sergeant Abraham Cruz

CY15 Congressional Fellows                         Office Assignments              Special Detailee                Office
Major (LtCol Sel) Michael Beckhart                 Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-6)              Major Terry Horton        Rep. Steven Palazzo (MS-03)        
Major John Bacon                                                          Rep. Randy Forbes (VA-04)
Captain Kyle Schull                                                    Rep. Ken Calvert (CA-42)
Captain Jason Gaskins                                             Rep. Darrel Issa (CA-49)
Captain Gabriel Sanchez                                        Rep. John Kline (MN-02)
1st Lieutenant Lucas Helms                                 Rep. Kay Granger (TX-12)
Master Gunnery Sergeant Mark Oliva          Rep. Scott Rigell (VA-02)
Master Sergeant Ramses Cypress                    Rep. Steven Womack (AR-03)
Gunnery Sergeant Ava Yuen                              Rep. James Langevin (RI-02)
Gunnery Sergeant (MSgt Sel) Peter Boby   Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA-50)