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Archive: May, 2003

CJTF-HOA adds new system to its arsenal May 29, 2003
Marines show sweetness at Best Chow Competition May 26, 2003
Lonestar rocks Fleet Week 2003 May 26, 2003
Marines host reception for Fleet Week May 26, 2003
CJTF-HOA chaplain spreads goodwill to Djiboutians; May 26, 2003
CJTF-HOA leadershipship changes May 24, 2003
U.S. service members bring American education to Djibouti May 22, 2003
16th Annual Fleet Week Kicksoff May 21, 2003
Local airfield control group supports CJTF-HOA; May 21, 2003
CJTF-HOA builds needed irrigation system May 21, 2003