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Archive: February, 2003

CJTF-HOA air traffic controllers use new technology to fight terrorism February 20, 2003
2d Marine Division band rocks Horn of Africa February 19, 2003
Camp Lejeune bandmembers tour Djibouti February 18, 2003
American National Day celebrated in Djibouti February 18, 2003
CJTF-HOA repairs trucks, road for Djiboutians February 18, 2003
CLE assumes control of Camp Lemonier for CJTF-HOA February 18, 2003
Djiboutian good samaritans return lost wallet and gain jobs February 18, 2003
CJTF-HOA Marines kick-off martial arts program; February 17, 2003
CJTF-HOA troops receive smallpox vaccinations February 16, 2003
CIC keeps information flowing for CJTF-HOA February 16, 2003