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Archive: 2003

MAC donates game systems to CJTF-HOA troops June 16, 2003
Ambassador says adieu to East Africa June 13, 2003
French military hones anti-aircraft missile capability June 13, 2003
26th MEU adds assets to CJTF-HOA'S counter-terrorism mission June 11, 2003
Intel troops keep CJTF-HOA informed June 9, 2003
CJTF-HOA Troops Acquire Valuable Information June 8, 2003
CJTF-HOA Yemen Visit June 6, 2003
CJTF-HOA adds new system to its arsenal May 29, 2003
CJTF-HOA chaplain spreads goodwill to Djiboutians; May 26, 2003
Marines show sweetness at Best Chow Competition May 26, 2003