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Archive: 2003

Engineers build trust in hearts of Ethiopians; September 14, 2003
Army 10th Mountain Division trains with Ethiopian military September 14, 2003
CJTF-HOA remembers 9-11 September 14, 2003
Designated Marksmen put Djibouti in crosshairs ; August 29, 2003
HMH-461 Adds Ramp Mounted Weapon System to its 53's; August 28, 2003
CJTF-HOA Chief of Staff opens local school August 28, 2003
RSU get new building to better support CAX and T4T August 27, 2003
Army Chief of Staff visits CJTF-HOA August 25, 2003
Security Forces switch out, Airmen stand airfield guard August 25, 2003
Camp Lemonier gets Army Deputy Commander August 23, 2003