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Archive: 2003

Engineers build trust in hearts of Ethiopians; September 14, 2003
Army 10th Mountain Division trains with Ethiopian military September 14, 2003
CJTF-HOA remembers 9-11 September 14, 2003
Designated Marksmen put Djibouti in crosshairs ; August 29, 2003
HMH-461 Adds Ramp Mounted Weapon System to its 53's; August 28, 2003
CJTF-HOA Chief of Staff opens local school August 28, 2003
RSU get new building to better support CAX and T4T August 27, 2003
Security Forces switch out, Airmen stand airfield guard August 25, 2003
Army Chief of Staff visits CJTF-HOA August 25, 2003
Camp Lemonier gets Army Deputy Commander August 23, 2003