Top Marine approves uniform board proposals
15 Nov 2013

The Commandant of the Marine Corps has approved the Marine Corps Uniform Board's recommendation to adopt the male dress and service cap as the universal dress and service cap for all Marines.

"The decision to adopt the male dress and service cap as the universal dress and service cap for all Marines was primarily driven by the inability of the current manufacturer of the approved female dress and service cap to continue to produce it for our women," said Col. Todd S. Desgrosseilliers, President of the Marine Corps Uniform Board.

Survey information from all Marines provided critical feedback for this decision, said Desgrosseilliers.  "During the uniform board study, 91% of all Marines, both male and female, were in favor of selecting the current male version as a "universal cover" over the "Dan Daly" version mentioned in the press."

Further fielding information, to include phase in and phase out plans for the current female service dress cap, will be provided via a standard Marine Administrative Message (MARADMIN). 

Additionally, the Marine Corps will be conducting further research and development efforts to improve the comfort and fit of the universal dress and service cap. 

Two other board proposals, having to do with improved quality of life, were also approved by the commandant.  A change to the existing supplemental clothing allowance for Marine Corps drill instructors at Marine Corps District Newport, R.I. was approved and regulation changes authorizing multiple braids for females was approved.  The newly established hairstyle criteria will "create an accepted standard for braids and it will be a welcome quality of life improvement for our female Marines who wear braids," said Desgrosseilliers.

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