Marine Corps congratulates Army Capt. Will Swenson
15 Oct 2013

The Marine Corps congratulates Army Capt.Will Swenson on being awarded the Medal of Honor.  This distinction is well deserved and is in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army.

The courage and actions of Capt. Swenson and others in Ganjgal Valley, Afghanistan, on September 8, 2009 were remarkable for their singularity and will inspire generations of soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen. 

Capt. Swenson, and Marine brothers like Sgt. Dakota Meyer serving with him that fateful day, joined a small fraternity of patriots who answered the call of duty with little or no hope of survival, risking everything for their mission and their comrades. They faced death and yet evacuated their wounded and their fallen. While their actions that day can be and are admired by all, their true measure can only be fully appreciated by those who have seen combat themselves and know its confusion, chaos, and fear first hand. These men are heroes in the truest sense of theterm.

Though accounts of the battle have been rendered from different perspectives, the battle has been thoroughly researched and all accounts confirm that the courage displayed by these men far exceeded the bounds of their duty.

The recognition afforded Capt. Swenson today is both well deserved and long overdue. May we as a nation remain always faithful to Capt. Swenson and his team.

Headquarters Marine Corps

Public Affairs (PA) RM 4B548 3000 Marine Corps Pentagon Washington DC, 20350-3000