MCICOM holds Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony, command receives commemorative flag

2 Jun 2014 | Courtesy Story

Marine Corps Installations Command conducted a ceremony recently recognizing the Vietnam War’s 50th anniversary and the veterans who served. The event is part of the Secretary of Defense's Vietnam War Commemorative Program, of which MCICOM is a commemorative partner.

The ceremony focused on honoring the contributions and sacrifices made by the war’s veterans as well as their families. It also acknowledges those in uniform today. The ceremony began with a presentation by Maj. Gen.Peter Aylward, U.S. Army (Ret.) and senior advisor to the commemoration program. He welcomed the opportunity to thank Vietnam veterans for service to their country and to continue to “set the record straight” about their sacrifice. Four of MCICOM’s Vietnam veterans, present for the event, – Dr. Neil Jacob, Alphonso Fudge, Rex Runyon and David Smith – were then recognized for their service.

As part of the ceremony, Maj. Gen. Aylward formally presented a commemorative flag to the command. Major General Juan G. Ayala, Commander, MCICOM, concluded the ceremony by saying, "For the veterans here, welcome home. This is something very deserving and much needed."

As a partner, MCICOM’s participation in the commemorative program includes holding events that “recognize Vietnam Veterans and their families’ service, valor and sacrifice.” It is the first Marine Corps organization to become a partner.

The program will also highlight contributions made by federal agencies, private organizations and regular citizens to the war effort, and draw attention to the technological, scientific and medical advances made as a result of military research performed during the war.

For more information about MCICOM’s participation, please contact the Public Affairs Officer, Marine Corps Installations Command, Rex Runyon (

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