Get out early in FY15

19 Dec 2013 | Lance Cpl. Dylan Bowyer

According to Marine Corps Administrative Message 662/13, Marines can still opt to end their service early with the voluntary enlisted early release program for FY15, which was released Dec. 12.

The program is a cost saving initiative, which will allow the Marine Corps to meet budgetary constraints.

Marines are allowed to leave the Corps up to a year earlier than the original end of active service date they are scheduled to get out. To be eligible for early release their time of exit has to be between Oct. 1, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015.

To separate more than six months early, Marines are required to get an endorsement from the first general officer in their chain of command.

A few situations disqualify Marines from early release, such as:

·      Having military occupational specialties such as counterintelligence/human intelligence specialist, reconnaissance, critical skills operator, cyber security technician, explosive ordnance disposal technician, unmanned aerial vehicle avionics technician, air traffic controller and unmanned aerial vehicle internal operator.

·      Marines participating in the national call to service program are also exempt. This early out does not exempt Marines completing reserve or ready reserve contracts.

·      Marines, who are undergoing treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury, are not eligible until they are finished with treatment.

Marines are still entitled to separation pay if they meet all the criteria set. The early out may affect how much a Marine gets paid.

For more information on this program check out Marine Corps Order P1900.16F

Headquarters Marine Corps