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Communication Marines keep units connected at Forager Fury II

By Lance Cpl. Antonio Rubio | | December 9, 2013


Communication Marines will provide communication at Tinian’s North and West Field to increase operational proficiency during Exercise Forager Fury II. 

The series of exercises, which Marine Aircraft Group-12 is conducting in the Mariana Islands, focus on refining core skills within the squadrons and MAG-12.

This in turn prepares them to function as an integrated air unit able to perform a wide range of missions. The communication Marines are with Marine Wing Communication Squadron 18, Marine Air Control Group 18, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force. 

“What we’re doing is providing the backbone for communication services for the tenant units here participating in FF II,” said Gunnery Sgt. Robert Spencer, detachment staff noncommissioned officer in charge with MWCS-18. “Even though we’re all (communication) Marines, there is a specific functional area within in their (military operational specialty) that they work in, but the exercise in Tinian requires these Marines to work as a team together to get the mission accomplished.”

Marines established a tactical elevated antenna mass antenna that can extend to 112 feet high and takes a lot coordination to set it up in one piece safely. 

“We have a variety of communication equipment,” said Lance Cpl. James Hughes, field radio operator with MWCS-18. “Our equipment brings the main feed, providing communications outbound from the camp. Capabilities include linking via-satellite from different locations to different locations.”

Different settings use different networks that send frequencies that will provide communication to Tinian’s North and West Field to increase proficiency in exercise FF II. 

“We have certain networks that have to be established we when arrive to a new location so these measures taken are necessary,” said Staff Sgt. Kelly Muszall, maintenance chief with MWCS-18. 

Without communication, knowledge of associates’ status would cease, hindering Marines’ ability to complete the mission. 

“About 40 days ago, we brought in 30 Marines from different areas of (communications) in order to support this mission,” said Spencer. “And although we’ve had setbacks in establishing communication services, through the resourcefulness and diligence of our Marines we’ve been able to succeed, successfully provide coordinated communications for Forager Fury II.”