Corps implements Voluntary Separation Pay program

8 Oct 2013 | Pfc. Kathy Nunez

The Marine Corps announced a voluntary separation program for staff and gunnery sergeants per MARADMIN 519/13 Oct. 7, 2013.

The Voluntary Separation Pay program coincides with the Corps’ recent restructuring efforts and commitment to excellence Corps-wide. 

The program allows active duty staff and gunnery sergeants with six to 20 years of service to voluntarily separate by Sept. 30, 2014. Marines must have at least five years of consecutive active service to be eligible.

The program applies to all active duty staff sergeants in the following military occupational specialties: 0369, 0481, 0619, 0629, 1361, 2146, 2311, 2862, 5524, 6074, 6112, 6122, 6152, 6172, 6174, 6212, 6252, 6322, and 6469. All active duty gunnery sergeants in the following occupations are also eligible: 0161, 6112, 6152, 6172, and 6322.

Additionally, all active duty staff sergeants of any MOS who have been previously passed over for promotion are eligible to apply. 

Eligible Marines must meet all reenlistment criteria, and Marines with pending disciplinary action or medical disabilities are ineligible for the program. By accepting VSP, Marines are required to agree to serve three years in the Individual Ready Reserve. 

Voluntary separations pay will be calculated as 20 percent, multiplied by years of service, multiplied by annual base pay. For example, an eligible staff sergeant with 12 years of service would receive 20 percent multiplied by his 12 years of service, multiplied by his annual basic pay rate of $41,940, which equals $100,656 before taxes. Marines will be paid in a taxable, single payment.

Marines who are paid VSP and later qualify for Veteran Affairs disability compensation or retirement pay will pay back the total amount of VSP. A monthly scheduled amount will be deducted from each payment of disability compensation or retirement pay until the total amount deducted is equal to the amount of VSP previously paid to the Marine.

For more information and to apply for the program, visit: 

Headquarters Marine Corps