Government shut down affects Marine Corps operations

1 Oct 2013 | Pfc. Eric T. Keenan

A Corpswide, partial shutdown of Marine Corps operations began midnight, Sept. 30 because of a lack of government funding for fiscal year 2014.

Marine Corps commands and Headquarters Marine Corps staff agencies began the orderly shutdown in accordance with the Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Fiscal Director of the Marine Corps.

Active service members and reservists who are performing active service during the shutdown will continue to report for duty and will be paid and receive allowances as a result of the “Pay Our Military Act,” H.R. 3210, passed by the House of Representatives and cleared by the Senate.

Reservists currently on active duty because of training or operational support orders prior to Oct. 1, 2013 will stay on orders and will be treated as active duty.

Civilian employees excepted to continue working will also be paid in full and on time.

Civilian employees who aren’t excepted to continue working should ensure their time and attendance is recorded and settled as needed. The employees will be paid for time spent in support of the shutdown after the situation is resolved.

Employees who have been excepted to continue working will record their time and attendance no earlier than Oct. 4, 2013, after further guidance.

Any employees not excepted who are in remote or leave status can be notified by email. Supervisors are required to verify contact information for employees not accepted.

Approval of excepted activities and temporary additional duty travel is still under development. Lt. Col. Paul Cucinotta, the deputy director for Budget and Execution Division, Deputy Commandant for Programs and Resources, and the first general officer or senior executive service member in the chain of command will handle any requests.

Anyone in temporary additional duty during the shutdown will need to make immediate arrangements to return to their duty station or home of record.

Attending and hosting of any conferences, conference travel, or no-cost conferences is not allowed during the shutdown.

Conferences deemed essential for the protection of life such as, maintenance of medical certifications, paramedic training, and police and firefighter mission essential qualifications are the only exceptions and will be approved by the Secretary of the Navy.

Service members and civilian workers should expect reduction or closing of quality of life services.

Notification of when to return to work and other related information is posted at the following link:

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