Air-Sea Battle concept promotes increased integration to defeat future threats

17 Sep 2013 | Sgt. Justin M. Boling

The classified multi-service concept on Air-Sea Battle has been the subject of much speculation and interest since its release in 2011. The concept remains classified but an unclassified summary is now available for Marines to read and consider its impact on the future of war fighting.

Originally developed by the Navy and Air Force, and endorsed by the Secretary of Defense, the concept addresses the U.S. force requirements needed to overcome increasingly advanced, long-range, precision threats that may challenge freedom of movement in the global common spaces – specifically sea, air, and space – and  could present significant obstacles to future U.S. and allied military operations. The presence of these threats is commonly referred to as an anti-access, area-denial or ‘A2/AD’ environment.

The ASB concept is one of a number of supporting concepts nested under the Joint Operational Access Concept .  ASB is a limited objective force development concept which identifies the necessary characteristics for a military force to effectively operate in an A2/AD environment. 

The fundamental goal of the concept is to encourage the development of integrated and interoperable Service capabilities and forces capable of accomplishing missions without the need for lengthy build-up periods, and without the reliance on large, permanent overseas bases.

For more information and to read the complete unclassified ASB concept summary, visit and type “ASB concept” in the search bar.

Headquarters Marine Corps